So what was wrong with my design?

So, my latest design scored incredibly low. And I am baffled as to why. Before anyone accuses me of being a whiner, I wouldn't have been so put off by a score in the mid 2s.

But a 1.96 for this?

This design was first submitted for critique, from which mostly positive feedback was recieved. After some alterations, and spending quite a large amount of time on the art, I submitted it.

So, can anyone help me understand what has gone wrong? As usual, nobody who voted low has explained why, perhaps out of fear of reprisal (I'm not that petty, but whatever). Is it bad art? Is it unsuitable for a shirt? If I never get any feedback I can never improve, so it'd be really appreciated.

Watch this

It seems unsuitable for a shirt.

There's a head and a hat full of different patterns. You could consider both the content and palette over saturated. The blend into the shirt isn't as well as it could be either. The shirt color itself might have been poor choice based on the content's colors.

The character also seems to have an air of anime influence -- and a lot of people aren't too keen on that.

Here, I think a limited and cohesive palette and a stronger emphasis on line variation, technique, and application probably would have gotten you to the mid 2's in scores.


Umm i'm not exactly an expert on awesome subs but i do vote quite a bit so...
I usually like designs that tell a story or have a message or something
yours is a cool illustration though, but i font really see the story or anythin

so yeah keep trying and I'm sure you'll get it :)
good luck on yo future designs

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I actually gave it a 4 ( something I don't usually do when I don't leave a comment )
I agree with have has been said already specially the lack of story part


u dont have to get mad...look at the bright side u got two master vote n positive comment. alexmdc(threadless) and zerobriant(designbyhumans). (even zerobriant scored lower than you)
your design just not in the mainstream, thats all.
and I M personal O, maybe the shirt color.
good luck to you

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