Few short days, no intelligent life forms. Deerie = <3

Sigh. People on threadless are strange; but then again, maybe SA had sheltered me from the bizarre.

On an entirely unrelated note: Deerie is mine! Ha ha, I was so excited. This shirt has to be the only front/back design I`ve grown attached on Threadless so far.

Props to Sarah and her crazy cat loving self.

Watch this

SA? Sheltering?

Are we thinking of the same place?


I`m not sure, are we? [Sa, Sheezyart-ness?]

Easy Jack

Agreed. Deerie =


apparently you can`t make hearts on threadless..?

Easy Jack

Guess the only hearts they accept now are the ones in submissions.

Huh how odd...


o my god i can't believe how much people are bashing the design. IT LOOKS A LOT LIKE A DEER. and shouldn't you artistic people be using your imaginations??? the lay person doesn't know what a real fawn looks like. I saw bambi when i was 5 and i serioulsy couldn't tell you what an actual pattern looked like.
ok so here are the main reasons
1) deer are cute
2) great opportunity to get dressed up cute and wear the brown shirt because you are a dear hahaha GET IT???? pun.
and puns or no, i enjoy having a reason to get deered up. hehehehehe
guys too?
and brown is flattering...
5) the front decal explains it for the slower ones to grasp the concept.
6) the front decal is CUTE! like you, deer :)


I thought you meant SA = something awful.

and that sentence was really confusing.


Sheezy art sheltered you from the weird?

There are so many furries on Sheezy it's insane.


Yeah, but once you get around the furries and the bad anime, theres a lot of nice, original artists. Five at the very least. <br /> <br /> And uh, alright CritzieQ. .-.; Thats nice.


I will sell mine to anyone for some bucks, size small and by bucks I don't mean deer. The small doesn't fit me, I just never returned it. So, the shirt is new. =) Email me if interested, I have it listed for sale some where. (Not sure if I can say where here?) Thanku4thespam@gmail.com.

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