Hi, my name is Kawfy and I'm a threadless addict...

Great. Just what I need. I got a t-shirt jones now. Like I don't have enough problems with my action-figure dependency and the fact that I'm addicted to toad-venom.

Thank god I'm not religious.

Watch this

'Thank god i'm not religious.'



You'll get chills
all through your body
and you'll lose
all control
of your bladder
and your sphincter
(thats your bumhole!)
'cause if you use toad
then i'm telling you!
you can kiss your life goodbye
yeah when you use toad
it will mess you up
it will make your mama cry
thats no lie
you'll choke on your tongue and die.


^^Family Guy....Let's Go To The Hop episode......



Of course. The manatees would have a toad-venom ball.

the_boxkite profile pic Alumni

I love that you made "Thank God I am Not Religious" a slogan.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

You can forget getting lucky
it falls off.


Just wait till you have 50 tees and you're wondering how the hell that happened.

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