Nice but...

  • by ansikk
  • posted Jul 10, 2006

Cool illustration and cool colors in the graphic but that damn Heather Grey shirt just ruins the design.

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why do so many despise heather?
thats gonna be the most kickass shirt color on threadless when travis's urban graffiti gets printed all over it!


heather grey isn't so bad. i can't decide about this design though, if i like it or not..


Gray would be fine,but not this speckly gray that they print on, if it were exactly the same it would be a solid gray. Oh, I don't like the "heather" gray at all.


Heather Grey should be restricted to gym shirts and sweat pants.


Heather grey isn't so bad. Imagine if it was just plain grey, yergh. It would be like wearing a boat.

It's better than being on white and that red (which is ace) wouldn't look right on any other colour


i wish it was on black


Solid grey or ash would be nice. Black would be the best option.


Agreed, shame it's not in a different color, I really like the illustration.


I loved the solid grey, I wouldn't have marked it $5 if I knew it was going to be mottled and spotted :-/ Now I'm trying to convince myself whether I can live with heather since I still love the design


i hate the grey. it should be natural or white! or, yeah, black.

that grey is just disgusting.


Red and Grey dont really mix well, other then that I thought the design is pretty cool

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