Best Friend Issues [ADVICE NEEDED]

I really can't decide what kind of friendship I have with my "best friend". She never calls me unless I call her. I want to go to the movies or something - she is tired but then I see her posting pictures of her clubbing?

Again, she insists I am her Best Friend.

My thing is that I would like to just confront her but everytime I talk to her about what I am thinking - she makes herself look like the victim. I hate that!

She is the only who has a life and is so busy. According to her, I basically have the easiest life and job. I should never be tired or busy.

Anyways, I really need advice as to what should I do -- Confront her or just forget about it.

I don't think I can completely cut her off from my life, since she is like family and calls my mom - mom. And I love my niece but I don't want to feel like a baby sitter. I want to be consider a best friend.

I am depress already and this is not making the situation any better. I don't think I can not not have her in my life cause that will leave me friendless but I don't want to be walked all over.


Watch this

that really sucks :/ I think the best thing to do would be to sit her down heart to heart and tell her how you feel, no bad can come from talking about it



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