Guess the score and I'll give you a free shirt if it prints! Only one more day to vote!

Okay so there's one more day left on my design, so I've decided to do a guess the score competition. Here is how it works:

One: Check out my sub. Votes are totally appreciated, but hey, how will I know?

Two: Make your guess at the score right here.

Three: The closest guesser wins a free shirt from me, if my design prints! It could be my if you like it, and if not that's cool ill buy you something else.

Thanks so much, get guessing!

Watch this
spence nostalgia

Time for some learning. Or just time to sit on Threadless while in class
I love my phone :)
Either way though, keep on voting and ill keep returning votes! Thank you, people of threadless!

spence nostalgia

Thank you Charles!
I went to go look for your subs, but apparently you just straight up work here? That's sweet!
I voted for your slogans though, bravo on the Snickers one: D

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Good Luck on your first Sub!

spence nostalgia

Thanks soloyo :)
Your animal testing shirt is brilliant, its on my list of shirts to buy wheni win! Plus, also I voted on your other rad slogans.

spence nostalgia

Thanks everyone who's commented and voted so far!
Six more days here we goooo.

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