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the i-hate-moving blog



it is i, chelly, making a blog.


so, i move a lot. it isn't something i do intentionally, although i do have this deep-seated (seeded?) fear of commitment.

anyhow, i am going to be moving again and this is where i will list the things i don't like about moving.

i'd love it if you shared some of the things you don't like about moving too, or commented w/ some stories.

the on-going list:

-deciding to not renew the lease and having to tell the landlords

-trying to find a place that is better or equal to the great place you live now

-having strangers come and look at your place while you live there

-looking at some stranger's place while they live there

-nothing available until two months after you need to move

-nothing available in a decent neighborhood

-nothing available for a decent $$$$$

-restarting bills and thus paying a shitload

-a deposit that is due before the old deposit comes back


-realization that you have too much stuff that you can't bear to part with

-separation anxiety

-having a ton of flat boxes but zero tape and no money

-not being able to talk about anything except moving

-everything is heavy and awkward

-people like to chat w/ you when you are moving heavy and awkward things; those ppl are arseholes

-the last day of the month first day of the month moving crossover

more pending


Watch this



stop trying to grab my urine sample!!!!!!

booooo to the bad parts of moving!!


I hate packing

trying to get rid of stuff & being unable to part with most of it

trying to find someone to help me move cause I can't afford movers & have a small car

trying to find an affordable place in a non sketchy neighborhood

cleaning the place you are moving out of & in to

the physical act of moving ie carrying lots of heavy stuff & getting bruises everywhere

changing your mailing address


Ugh, I hate moving! And I especially hate dealing with landlords.

When the ex-boyfriend and I moved up here- three and a half hours from everyone we know- we didn't know this city, and our fridge and stove weren't installed yet even though the landlady promised it would be after we paid our deposit (which we had...a month before), and then in the middle of the night the power goes out. My boyfriend called her, and she said, "Oh, well, we can't really do anything until Monday (it was Saturday), so I hope you have a lot of blankets."

Grrrr. I'm so glad she went bankrupt and the complex was sold.


I am moving into my new apt on the 1st. I also hate hate hate moving. It makes me throw away all the stuff I've hoarded whilst living in my current living situation.

moving sucks.

the end

sonmi profile pic Alumni

ahh I just told our landlord today that we won't be renewing our lease. I also do not look forward to strangers coming into our home an judging our decor.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i'll be moving at the end of the summer when my lease is up, and while it won't be far (somewhere nearby in the city), i'm not looking forward to the process of finding a place and packing up and everything. but i'd much rather do that than live here another year.

Steve The Great

moving is lameo

I'll need to find a place to live in the fall. I can't afford my neighborhood :(

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Moving sucks ass


i can't believe i didn't add packing/unpacking to the list

one time when i was moving i walked into a screen door and thought i was trapped in a spider web because i was delirious ....and it was 3 am....and i was pregnant


haha they packed the pile of skins

there should be a word for "grape skins pile"
a good word

outline profile pic Alumni

me and the man just moved two weeks ago! it wasn't too much of a hassle because it was just a block away but this flat is so much bigger and nicer and i heart it

i hated the moving process but this flat was totally worth it

the bunny has her own room! haha


sometimes my mom comes to help me move and it makes me feel terrible because she is over 60 and retired and has more energy than me but i'm afraid she might break

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

I just moved from lawrence to oregon. I hated driving the truck. it was huge. I hated every gas station, it was a 60$ bill like every town.


i hate moving into a place and discovering a strange smell


i moved every year of my life until about five years ago. what i hate the most is when you're almost finished and then you have to go back and clean this and that and make sure all the loose ends are taken care of. once i'm out, i just want to be gone.


see, i really need that closure of cleaning up (although i do hate that part because i'm exhausted and want to get to the new place). BUT i am highly annoyed w/ ppl who move and just leave loads of shit behind. i think it is because my parents were landlords while i was growing up and although it was cool to find/keep shit, it sucked to have to clean up after someone else. also, it sucks to have to clean up after someone when you are moving into a new place.
i'm just sayin.


oh oh and last time i moved i had the worst cleaning experience

i have terrible dust allergies that feel like heart attacks and nausea. so, i was breathing through my mouth through the whole cleaning. and here comes the bad part....i forgot to switch to nose cleaning when i got to the bathroom and was cleaning the toilet and the chemicals and toilet water splashed up into my mouth when i was cleaning.



*switch to nose-breathing while cleaning


am now considering 1 br
or subleasing
or renting w/ strangers and hope they don't mind my kid sometimes



oh gad yes, more than one bathroom is essential

the czar

The wife was talking this week about moving if she got this job in PA. I was like, "Oh no you don't, you said we were staying put!" I would really rather not do that again. I like our home and neighborhood, and our neighbors are pertty good.


you could suggest some kind of home improvement if she is getting restless

also, i know as soon as i rent some tiny shithole a ton of great places will open as the students skip out on their lease in may, but i can't take the risk


dont mind plz visit my blog!

the czar

That is the thing , we have done everything we need to the house except the bath. I told she is nuts to want to drive 140 miles a day, but she is getting kinda desperate to work, the free lance stuff is not steady.


I've had to move from dorm to apartment to apartment. I guess I'd like it more if it actually felt like I was going somewhere instead of staying within the same 2 mile radius.

But I'm dreading moving out in a few months, not so much because I like it here but because I have a lot of crap and a very small car.


uhauls don't cost as much as i thought, although you do have to put a downpayment on it. you should look into their pick-ups.

paul - a woman wants what she wants and there is no amount of reason that will make that want unreasonable


the tension is building between the roommie and me. we have boxes that we never unpacked that have both our stuffs, so we have to unpack them and repack them.

also, don't look forward to explaining to the boy that he is living 2 places. don't look forward to not always having him around. don't look forward to knowing how hard it is for the roommie to not always have him around.

this is heartbreaking and it was my decision so it feels especially heavy.

and i can't find a damn place to live.


having to be there when they turn on whatever utilities
or worse, having to keep the place unlocked but not being there

the czar

So you've found a place? How's Ferris doing?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

making 8000000000(large number) of trips up and down two huge flights of stairs carrying heavy stuff ... in teh summer


paul - found a place but haven't started the haul yet, so ferris hasn't had to adjust yet. i'm kinda dreading it and feeling bad for the lil guy.

wulla - ugh! this will be my first time on a 2nd level. the place we are at now was down a little which was great moving in, but it is all up up up now that we're moving out.

every year there is someone who wants to talk to me in the middle of a move. some random neighbor relaxing. i think that is an asshole thing to do.

the czar

Fuck you neighbor you had years to talk to me leave me alone don't start today I'm gone!!!


it is a good way to find out what new neighbors to avoid, that's for sure

i got in a decent neighborhood not too far from where i am living now, so it is all good


got my keys today and the apt looks different and a bit dingy'er than i remember


so close to done.

longest. month. ever.

the czar

I feel your pain, I will be moving my nephew on Saturday.

Hang in there kid!


I'm moving into my new place Sunday! I feel ya!

mismonaut profile pic Alumni

Oh, Chelly. I feel ya.

I am this close to being able to sign my next lease, but then I have to pack everything, and I can't move in to the new place until the day after I have to be out of the current place, so everything is going to be one awful, hectic, box-ridden mess.

I am dreading it so.


after doing the double-rent month-long move, i am actually a little envious of the 1-day tornado move

ya gotta rip the bandaid off and get it over with

i'm broke in so many ways

everything i touch feels like cardboard

i would help any one of you move because it is easier when it isn't yourself

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