Coal–Miner's Daughter

oh no!

Watch this

I love the solid contrast of the bird, especially if you know about the canaries in the coal mines. 5, and I would buy.

owen the owen.

great, simple, graphic storytelling.

the pick-axe [which is a bit hard to see in this view] is a nice touch.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Cool idea for a design, but it needs a better execution and more of a concept to it...maybe even make it cuter by having some birds forming a rescue mission to spring their caged canary friend from certain death? IF you don't do that concept, i might have to, ha.


Simple. I like.

smallsam52 profile pic Alumni

Very nice! i give it a 5! Score a 5 on my designs too if you can :)


make the pick ax bigger... I get it, but more people might understand if they see it


i don't like the jagged edges, and really, you could've done something more original than a bird in a bird cage :

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

I would wear this in a coal mine. 5$

Musarter profile pic Alumni

The concept is great and I really like the contrast. As said before, the mine wall could be done in less square chunks, and I think the elements, pick-axe and bird/cage, could be larger to be more readable on a shirt. 4

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