• by jerbing33
  • posted Mar 27, 2010

an empty chest cavity with only a bleeding heart in red

Watch this

this is GREAT! i hope this goes up for sale!


yeah cool!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

In my honest opinion, bleeding hearts and skeletons on tees are pretty cliche these days, but if you apply these techniques to more interesting subjects you may find more success

jerbing33 profile pic Alumni

thanks for the input, i def have more ideas. you should checkout some of my critiques that didnt make it thru approval. Also i am new to threadless and am learning the ropes on what all has been overdone. some concepts i need to just do and get out of my system for fresher ideas to come along....thanks for the comments!


I'd wear this thing all over the the grocery store, the dentist, the movie theater, the bar (, to bed, to the license bureau, and pretty much everywhere else. Good design!


I like it Jeremy! Hope it wins.


i love this! hope it goes up for sale cuz i would totally buy it!

Whopper Jr

One of the better skeletal shirts I've seen.


I would buy this, great concept.


I love this design! It looks like it would fit me perfect get it printed!

naughty zoot

I like it...but feel a little uneasy. I would consider using a different illustration style. While I like the look it is easy to think that these graphics were appropriated from another source and used in your design, rather than your own work. Nice design though.


Sir, I dig it. I'm glad it's not on black. Skeleton shirts are always on black. I love black, but my son is six and he has a shirt that looks like this, on black. Where am I going with this?

Oh! So, the point is, I like this shirt. It's a fairly common theme, but it's handled a little differently, and I like it. 5.


I like this a lot. The drips look cool.


this has been done to death..


Not the most original design, it's been done before again and again. But this is one of the better versions that I've seen.

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