Biblical disaster

Oops! Kind of ruined it all...

Watch this

Oops! Kind of ruined it all...


hahaha 5 :)


Haha whoops :p $5


Great fun! Especially the marital row: a 5!


Very nice, beatiful colors...

Bio-bot 9000
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not bad, but the iceberg could use some more definition, and the characters made not so flat. And someone is bound to post that there's already a printed shirt with the same name, so it might as well be me, but the title doesn't matter a whole lot.


Bio-bot 9000, in fact it's a matter of taste and personal esthestism :)


Thank you everybody for the great comments! Too bad for the title. Let's say it is called "Oops, kind of ruined it all". "Bio-bot" to my opinion, what matters in a great shirt is that it is instantly understandable. I tried to give away the superfluous and stand to the core of my design. It is apparently simple but take a close look it is all but that. "Epis", this design has a totally different story. We are talking end of mankind and of all life on earth against disappearance of unicorn. Have you understood it?


i think this is much more welldone, medium rare indeed. but it shant be printed...sorry mate.


I enjoy the placement


I love everything about this design , the concept the colours the placement ! 5 $ buy ;-)

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