This is v1, a solid idea in original painted form.. tell me what you guys think and where I should go from here.

Watch this

This is v1, a solid idea in original painted form.. tell me what you guys think and where I should go from here.


fine but cutting edge is not good idea with Tee shirt


Its baiscally a woman somewhat transforming or melting in the midst of a deep purple sunset..

should it be made more computerized? or repainted with the solid 8 colors?


Looks nice, but place on a t-shirt in some graphic editor (e.g. Photoshop) and you (we) will see if works or not.
Need version 2 for sure.


theres definitively an idea there
i like the blending of colors really good keep working on that

Check this one


ist a nice idea why dont you try to put it in other technique maybe in some kind sketch or even a cartoonish look, in my personal taste i wouldnt wear it in this shape but i really like the concept



very interesting!


i like the painting. just not sure if it fits this site. I think that if you match the blues or purples to the exact shirt color and fade out the brushstrokes as they approach the edges so there is a a clean fade into the shirt that it could work. Style wise i think it is more suited to Design by Humans as it could work as a large print. very good use of color though because that sun really pops

Knee Neighbor

could be a pretty good left shoulder print if you can soften the edges.


I'm not crazy about the blue swirl coming from her hair, but the idea really is VERY cool!!
you may also extend the purple, or fade it out a little more, just so it doesn't stop so abruptly.
keep going, love the idea!


very nice idea! i like how it drips and the texture of it, are you going to try and translate this into the digital file?


This is just my artistic taste, but I think it looks more artsy than pretty. I like the top right corner with the black, purple, and white against the sun. If I had to turn this painting into a t-shirt (and if I knew anything about how to use photoshop!), I'd start with a black background, then add the purple and white (maybe some grey too?) against some fraction of the sun. It's a simpler, prettier design.

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