Clear Skies

  • by mcspuddy
  • posted Mar 16, 2010

Just a silly little design - let me know what you think though!

Watch this

Just a silly little design - let me know what you think though!


i think it's nice So Please could you click Here to leave a comment and to score.

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

Awwwww this is cute! maybe if you improve the rainbow lines? they seem a little irregular towards the end of it. Love the colors, and wish you the best :)

Please, if you have time score/comment my design


Kinda took V2 in a different direction...


Haha, I love that it went from happy-go-lucky to violent! ;P Haha.
This is funny, and cute, and I think it would make a good shirt. My only suggestion right now would to clean it up a bit (your rainbow has jagged edges that you can tell were drawn on computer, etc.). Nice work!
Check mine out!


Comments please?


I like it the way it is, but and idea that came to mind that maybe you could try and see if you like it better is this: For the cloud getting hit, maybe either make his mouth an oh (like oh no!), or keep the mouth and make his eyes x's, like he's dead. Just some options, but no necessarily necessary. :)


how about two clouds play on a rainbow as a slide?


Cleaned some of the lines, changed the colors a little, etc. Comment!

Arkzai profile pic Alumni

it's pretty fun design but the illustration need some work.
I'll would go with a more kawaii cute style


Thanks, anybody else have any suggestions?


I want to know what people think about the two different versions - with texture or without.

Also, what other things could I change? How could I improve the expressions? Thanks!


great idea you got there..


I like the idea. Maybe the cloud at the back could be shifted to the right so the rainbow isn't blocking its face.

Frosby profile pic Alumni

great image - and with texture looks way better. I'd like the clouds to stand out a bit more- try to strengthen some of the lines on the clouds, but keep it looking hand drawn. the mouth for the bottom cloud could be bending down more in an 'n' shape, and the top cloud needs a bit of work to give it more character. nice!

Sids Yard

Texture ftw :)


texture is awesome, I agree with buffalo the cloud throwing up the rainbow, need to see more of his face somehow... But, I love the design. great job!

Juan More Time

No texture is better. It would be nice to see some other objects in the upper left hand corner and lower right hand corner to make it fuller and symmetrical


Changed a few things...


Also, does anybody have any ideas for a better name? I just picked something out to submit the critique, but I don't really like it. Thanks!!

Nacho G

I agree, this design has evolved ages!.. about the name, well i don't know exactly by now, but it would be good if it mix the gross action of throwing up and the cute action of throwing up a rainbow


Do you think it's ready to submit soon?

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eheh pretty fun one!

what would be cool is to try something different inplcament. It would mean to rework it, i know that, but anyway, that's why you put it on wip eheh ;)

So, i would see a plaxcement and size MUCH bigger, so that the rainbow on the left would be at the bottom sewing on tee shirt. you know what i mean? Right now, it seems that the design on template is a bit "lost"...


I think you could do without the second cloud puking. Also, the first cloud looks a bit like it's a jello blob sitting on something hard, maybe it could look more fluffy. And some other clouds reacting in horror, or laughing or something wouldn't be bad either.

Can you check out my new version?


how do you do that little menu thing on the bottom of your picture so that you can switch between different images?????? Someone help please? Im kinda new here so i dont know all the tricks yet =C but anyway i like you design, great concept lol =D


Thanks everybody for your help!


LOVE the art, hate the placement. any way you could try to stretch it over more of the shirt to be a little more interesting?


This version I got rid of the texture from before and added something a little different, and changed the placement on the shirt. Please help me out!


Great! I think i prefer the placement in version 6 though.


I like development that's gone into this, but I really think you need to work on the style of the faces. Perhaps look at the style and placement of faces on other characters you like? You might want to refine some of your edges too, I know they are supposed to be messy but some of them just look a bit shabby.

Good luck!


Oh yes, and keep the placement on the chest- the design doesn't make sense without it :)


wo cool! but maybe the end of the rainbow (closest to us) could have each colour with a varying length instead of all ending equally as like mytton says its too abrupt please rate comment mine? Fun O Saurus


I don't know why folks are giving you so much crap, I think this is GREAT. I love the new placement too! I think it'd do well in scoring, I say submit. :)

My lonely pirate is up for scoring for one more day! Please score & comment if you have time!

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