• by Alpine6
  • posted Mar 11, 2010

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Watch this

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love a duck - the guy's only 19 - chill

Alpine - I think you got the message.........

dude - I think you got a bit of work ahead of you yet - what program are you using?


He also hasn't even voted on anything as you can tell from his profile unless it takes some time to update. If so then i apologise but dude you shouldn't post your links up on the scoring pages.

Take a few tutorials on Illustrator and Photoshop and have another go. And good luck


as someone from michigan it reminds me a bit too much of MSU vs U of M. :(


Try working more with photoshop or illustrator. I think you'll find some tools in there that will really help you execute your idea. As for the idea, it can work, and I've seen other designs that play off of movies get submitted, but they are really well done. Keep working hard and further developing your idea and I think you'll be happy with the outcome. Good luck!


I think it's a neat idea, but I think it needs a little bit more thought put into it. I don't know exactly what I'd do different (as the idea goes) but just take a little to think it out. I get the "blue" part, but I am a little confused about the initial "green", who are the "green"? I think it might come off better if you had (for example) "Go Men" and men is crossed out and Na'Vi is written in blue, or something like that. I think it would make more sense/come off better. :) Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback everyone! I know it needs a lot of work. I'm using Gimp (I don't have photoshop or illustrator) but I'm still getting accustomed to using it, so hopefully the quality will improve. And sorry about the spamming. I'm new to the site, and didn't realize the difference between critique and submission pages.


I really like the concept and think the threadless community should be more understanding of mistakes made by new users instead of berating them and pushing them away.

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