My facepage told me that I missed you guys

So, lately my facebook has been suggesting all of these people from threadless to be my friend, because I am fb friends with Mike and Kyle.

And since I'd rather be blogging than studying for my history midterm tomorrow, I wanted to let you all know I miss you deeply and profoundly.

Also, I'm an alcoholic.

Watch this

Oh, hey, grrrl.


Oh holy hell, thank goodness you're back.


sup, ma.



I saw that my "Girl" blog was bumped a week ago. It gave me warm fuzzies.


you're friends with mike, but not me!?


you probably have a good reason, like your dad will get mad because of how extreme I am.


Haha, I can't be friends with you because if you see what I do in my free time, you would be very ashamed and not want me as your girlfriend. And I like you thinking that I am not the girl that wears footie pjs before partying and drinks 42 oz margaritas.


Nbd, dude.


I was just kidding anyway. I trolled your one blog pretty hard, anywayz


You should friend Omair. He's a good dude.


no! I'm not trying to guilt you into facepaging me! I shouldn't have said anything.


If you would like to be my friend, you are allowed. I just update my status a lot. So if that is one of those things that annoys you, I would recommend not friending me.

I also tweet a lot. Which I'm sure sucks for my followers. Because they probably don't care about the advertising stuff I tweet about a lot.



tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

we're not friends? :'(

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