So I did an experiment.... (may be of interest to the artisty types)

I have been playing around with printmaking, trying to come up with new things.

Had my house rewired and had this box of stuff.....

and started playing with it....

I wanted to figure out a way of using print and creating a transparent ground so I can hook up the switches and use lighting and viewer interaction.

After a bit of cogitating I wondered if epoxy resin poured over an inked drypoint plate would pick up the image when it hardened....... so I tried it out....

I did a quick sketch of a dead cat (the why of that is still unknown), inked and wiped the mylar, placed one of the electric box thingys over it and sealed the edges with plasticine. Then poured 50ml of the resin mix in and left overnight to cure....

and dadgum it, it worked!!!!!
The mylar pinged right off the resin and the print was left in the resin.

The nice thing is the etching has become a relief in the resin so you can feel the image when you run your fingers over it.

the window effect has left room to add more layers, or even a diarama in behind the resin! I will be having fun playing with this new technique!!!!

Plan on trying large images too.....maybe to use in window panes for an installation I'm thinking of doing combining print, projection and of course.... viewer participation!


Watch this



excuse the questionable drawing.......was for experiments sake



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You are rad. This is such a cool thing.


I wonder if this would work for other etching processes????? Will have to try it out.

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Yes!! Do!!


Wow! Amazing stuff, Kim!


Tis exciting......I love playing around!

Also wonder if the resin could be used as a printing plate.....but that seems redundant as you have to start with a plate in the first place........ might try it anyway...all in the name of artscience and mucking about!

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Brilliant idea!

Oh, and hey Kim!


Hey Tiki!!!!! I have been all caught up in 4th yr crap so have been slack on the threadless front. Will try to check in more often.... miss you crazy kids... and your dog too!


Fun! I love art experiments!


This is cool, Kim... Way cool!

I like the shot on the orange background, as well. It's a nice way of arranging them all.


Cheers guys just wanted to never know what kind of amazingness someone else might come up with when given something new to toy with!


DO IT!!!!!! Know for sure that mylar pings off ok.........plastic and resin don't mix, will try copper and aluminium tomorrow!

Post anything you do in here, would love to see it!

Want to try a large scale one next, the potential for layering in the resin is pretty cool..... image or found/readymade stuff


I also wonder if monoprint would work......float some colours/image on acetate or and resin????? This could be rather cool!


this is really cool, interested to see what else you can develop from it. I like the idea of multiple layers coming into play!


yeah, multiple layers like the multi-plane camera developed for snow white


oooh another late night idea...... jewelery or badges made of resin with prints embedded in them!!!

I am so loving the potential of this!

Bottle cap (the old metal ones) brooches with an image in them.


Hey chickadee! Loving your latest work! Your line work is stunning!


Hiya Laura.....gotta keep from being bored somehow!


thanks all for thinking this is cool!


oh hai otter xxx

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whoaaaaa so cool! i've been wanting to play with this resin i bought, foreverrrr, but i'm so skittish about it.

do you have to mix it super fast or it will dry in your mixing cup? do you find it is quite easy to use? even when you did it the first time? so many questionsss


Have you seen the art of Xia Xiaowan? It reminded me of your work. Painted layers of glass!


Timpaint........ it is epoxy resin bought from a hardwware store

GG.... you do need to mix it quite quickly and get it poured but I guess I took about 10 minutes to do it all including clean up.

I found it really easy to work with... play GG it is fun, if it doesn't work try again.

I guess I was lucky in that I didn't know what would happen and had no expectations so the nerves weren't a problem.

ROBERT! Hello!
all good here, how's things up your way? Did you find a house?


Xia's stuff is awesome......if only I were that good


bump for GG


yes Laura it is :-)

Will pass on your congrats Ross! She is a happy little vegemite!


another bump for GG


change can be exciting!

Renovations coming along, new kitchen should be going in at the end of the month!


UPDATE......... Have managed to pull monoprint from the mylar using this technique. The cool thing is you can scratch/draw back into the ink...... forgot my camera, will post pics soon.

Applied a dense 'maniere noir' surface to the mylar then did the resin thing and have scratched an image back into it that the light shines through! Looks great!


will try thinner layers of colour next!


okay new idea...... thinking about setting up a square mold and pulling resin prints. Will then drill holes round the edges and 'sew' them together creating patchwork quilts out of them.

Naff.....or worth trying out??????


shit, so just realised I have done the post all your blogs in a line thing.........which sucks, but is par for the course hen you have limited time to catch up!..............sorry



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