Wooooooooorld Cuppers

Yeah this time Germany is going to beat Italy and going straight to the final in Berlin!

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Ady bear

for me being a brit you probably wont believe me but i hope germany win-although i think it will be germany vs france.
as for englands performance-ahh terrible!those penalties-ahh terrible-at least your boys looked confident.
our best player was hargreaves-and where was he playing in the previous season-germany!


hey ady, you havent been around for a while!?

wohoo i cant wait for tonights match!

Ady bear

i only crop up now and again taz me duck-in the next two weeks i should be online at home,so i'll be about hell of a lot more here.
where you from again taz?

fc gravy

all my teams are out "d'oh!"

bring on the new season! plus, i can't wait to see the hidden camera footage of rooney knocking out ronaldo on the training pitch!

Ady bear

damn right-winking little fucknut!!

Ady bear

i'm off and fatzo when you read this if i dont speak to ya before the games i hope your boys do well and win the final,ta ta all

jean-claude van damme

And also, I can't believe Brazil lost!

and ye, i realise this is old news/.


It's gonna be a tough game tonight. But hmmm i think Germany can do it again. We're doing fine in penalties - so a am not afraid...


being an Australian, I hope Italy chokes on German weiner schnitzel and gets thrashed


Being an American, I don't watch the world cup.


i am geussing you have turned more patriotic :) which is a good thing. Yeh i hope germany wins, they are the only team in the world that have not lost a single penalty shot thing. Sadly i wont be in germany to see the finals i will be sitting on a plane to america.


I'm so excited for this and I want Italy to win. :)


game over! ;)

Ady bear

ahh what a game though,soz they lost

Ady bear

you italian adam?-i forget whose from where on here.

i think france will win tonight-well i bloody well hope so-get revenge for us!

Ady bear

it was a good game from a neutral persective-i thougt germany would win to be honest but fair play you beat um-right at the end and they were two great goals.superb that last one was.

fc gravy

congrts to italy for playing a good game. i quite fancy italy to win the whole thing now. i hope france do do portugal bigtime! zizou, i'm counting on you!!!

Ady bear

shit my typings bad

fc gravy

same here "do do"?



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