101 LOST T-Shirts For The Ultimate LOST Fanatic

Any LOST fans here on Threadless? Well, check this. I know you like T-Shirts because, hey, you're reading this on Threadless. But what would you say about 101 LOST T-Shirts.

Check em' all out and tell me which is your favorite!

Watch this

Haha yeah I'd have to agree.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Oh come on people, that was a really easy and fast wade through the cafepress and below crap to get to some really worthwhile and quality (even in a trashy sense) LOST inspiration by t-shirt. My faves in order of goodness:

922044:16 by Jstump!

Polar Beer by Ian!

FOUND the Bustedtees.com shirt

I'd Hit That by holy shit, a cafe press company?!?!?!

Hurley Gets Takeout by MCDavenport

Lost characters by i forget, nice patterns and shapes out of the names we all now and love/loathe

Turn Wheel Move Island for its simplicity in the face of epicness that is the LOST world

Lapidus Air gets my vote for best fictional LOST company turned into a real brand name.

Coty, you missed out on two gems tho, first the bustedtees.com DriveShaft shirt which i think is the simplest and best of the DriveShaft bunch:

And most importantly, my favorite LOST-related tee of all time sold recently on teefury and I vigorously snatched up:

An entertaining list, thanks for tiding me over for a few minutes before scattering back into my hatch hole pondering who is really controlling who.


Yeah, if you wade through some of the Cafepress filler you'll find some cool Lost tees (I would hope, at least!).

Thanks FRICKINAWESOME! I actually liked most of the stuff from Wake Up Time To Die. If I ever wore that Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor shirt, would anyone even guess that's from LOST? They'd probably just think I was weird for wearing a funeral parlor shirt!


Well thank you jeffreyg, you good sir, you!

And might I add, - GREAT job with your 365 blogger project - it's awesome!


I see ALL that is T-Shirt related, LOL!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

jeffreyg on Mar 11 '10 at 8:28am
great job on this coty!

and dam evan, i wish i snatched that shirt

haha, i know man, I shoulda bought like 20 of them in every size and made a bundle! Maybe i woulda gotten one to you at only a 50 percent markup, if you're GOOD. :P

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