One second...

declined? someone please tell me what it meant?

4 submissions in 24 hours time, one got declined but others are pending. why?
it was my first time so i don't know what i did wrong..
i thought i've done what all rules told.
is there any other cause than those rules mentioned so your designs can be declined?
it's just that it was my first time submitting designs, so that i'm wondering now of what i did so wrong about. so if you guys can tell me, please do, then i won't do the same mistakes in the future when i submits.
oOoOOh... why does the sun go on shining....
btw.thx guys! there's a boring kind of a new guy here, so let's teach him lessons!

Watch this

What does it look like, so we can make an informed guess?


Well, if it was for a can only submit 3 entries for each contest.

If it wasn't, well, how about you post the design and maybe somebody could tell you what the problem was?

secretly robots
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unless they just declined it because it was really really really REALLY ugly you should get an email explaining it


there you go guys. what's wrong about that photo of mine? hehe..


The first thing that pops into my head: have you seen the movie Ghost World?


I saw GhostWorld and I have no idea what it has to do with it.
Somebody remind me.

Maybe they're actually cracking down on the quality of designs.
Not to be an asshole, but it's a rather plain design, and not something that would appeal to a lot of people.


is it good movie?
the picture is my face.. i thought it should look more like me than ghost..
i have drew my earings too there.. see?
is ghost world's cover is like that??
so it must look like my face when you mentioned it.. tough luck i guess...
poor face of mine..
oOoOOh... why does the sun go on shining....


dude, please tell me your teeth do not look like eggs in real life??!!

It reminds me of the poster sitting behind Illiana Richards and could have been declined for racial issues. (I wouldn't take it as such, but just for a maybe reason.)
Alternately, the resolution could be too low.
Alternately, the Threadless pre-judging staff could be starting to pull designs out that they don't feel they would print, no matter how highly they scored.
(It doesn't look to me like a Threadless shirt.)


Oh my god. That scared the crap out of me.


Ghostworld was about some teenage girls that stalked weird people.

Best movie ever.

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Well, the drawing, you see.

It looks an awful lot like antebellum-American caricatures of black people. So, if threadless were to even consider printing a shirt like that, there would be PROBLEMS.


(Incidentally, it is an excellent movie and an excellent graphic novel. Your artwork is nothing like the artwork/style of Ghost World.)


I love that that poster reminded you of that guy's face.

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I'm assuming it was declined becuase it appears to have nothing to do with the theme of the SOL's comp which is to "Simply watch the "The Comeback" video from Shout Out Louds and design a tee that you feel represents what you heard!"

If this is what you feel represents what you saw please describe how in the comments and we'll be happy to put it up for scoring.


i did index color on photoshop before i colorized it on rgb, shouldn't what i did fix that?
can someone describe to me what halftone is?
i am so so lots of questions for all of you guys, am i a good student?

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Also the decline email you receive should have the reason why it was declined mentioned in it.


for one thing the quality of the overall template is shitty, more than 4 colors and pending means they didnt see it yet and they are getting to it because hundreds of (thousands maybe) designs are gettinf subbmitted a day so they jsut didnt approve of it yet


Ok, if it was for a contest, then that makes perfect sense.
The little squares at the bottom aren't random, they mean you're designing for a competition that is client-based.

Halftones are the bigger and smaller dots that make up shades. For grey, for instance, you can either use a pantone number for a specific solid grey colour or 15% black, which means that it's made up of a bunch of tiny dots that make up a grey.


thx shimala!!
i think i've put it at the wrong submission's page on mistake last night!!
so if i send it back to the right one? can i send it back? can i? can i?
i swore it wasn't a ghost's face..


shimala-i haven't received any decline email. i've just noticed it from my account on this page.

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yea, you can resubmit for the normal comp.

not sure where the email went but you normally would receive one.


thx shimala!!
and you too guys!! thx for your comments for my face, on my face!
and no, it doesn't look like eggs!!
but it's been big help!
and i'm still taking more comments for that drawing though.
would you guys tell me what should i have done with it?
i'm sure you guys have a lot of experiences, i wanna learn.
thx a whole lots of bunch!
yea.. yea.. you said.

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