A Strange Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night (Sun 31 July). True, I might have had weird dreams in the past; judgement day and war and all that. However, nothing else quite beats this, especially for the fact that I could recall every single detail of this dream, right to the colours of the scene and the fact that this dream span over a period of 3 days and 3 nights (in the dream).

The 1st day of the dream is an opening scene at a mangrove swamp in Japan. I was a lady contender (not sure if I am me or role-playing another person) in a reality game show like "Survival" or "Fear Factor". Our 1st task was to find some mystery hidden items around the swamp and around the pier/jetty. We couldn't get into the water as it was infested with crocodiles. So the clue was dry land. I managed to find a mystery item in a really unexpected place. There, at the pier, was a standing stone structure. I tried to lift up the carved rock on top, but a cockroach crawled out and I screamed. A guy helped me to lift the stone and more cockroaches just crawled out and everyone was getting very grossed out. However, what laid beneathe the stone, was the mystery item, buried amongst the cockroaches.

There was more to come. Unfortunately for me, my raft broke and I was thinking how the heck was I able to get across the water to our floating bunk when the waters were infested with big crocodiles. Everyone else had their rafts and boats, and yes, the other spare speed boat I was supposed to use was also broken down cos then they realized raftsmade us too vulnerable in croc infested waters.

So I came up with this ridiculous and ingenious way of getting around, which is, to swing from tree to tree, above the waters! I was wondering to myself, am I stupid or what? One wrong move & I would be lunch for those crocs. However, I was already in the midst of doing it and what the heck, might as well go all the way. I proceed with this extremely TIRING and delicate procedure of using my quick thinking (which also drains me) to observe which branch and creepers are thick and strong enuf to grab hold onto and calculate the force needed to swing in order to get my foot onto the next tree. I made a wrong move and almost slipped into the water, however, thank God that I caught sight of another creeper in time and climbed it b4 the croc could get to me.

Finally, at long last, I reached the floating bunk. It was already evening, around 5pm. I was dead beat but that did not stop me from feeling in awe of the place. It was simply magnificant. I expected to see an ordinary hut-like type of bunk, but what greeted me was a huge palace-looking floating villa, made of pure bamboo and wood. It had a traditional Kamakura or Edo period styling and this was evident in the paper windows and intricately carved roof top and windows. The rest of the game participants were already there. I stepped in to begin my briefing for the night.

Apparently it was a bad day for me. 1st my raft and speedboat broke down, and now, the bed that I was allocated to broke. It had seemed fine before but someone had knocked over it and it came apart. How "lucky" I was, I felt, trying to get over the "bad-luck" notion. Some of the gals and my partner, a guy, pointed out to me that there was this big traditional styled futon bed (without legs lying flat on the ground) at the extreme right corner of the room, far away from the rest of the other modern beds, lying by itself in solitude.

Nobody knew what that bed was doing there, when all the other beds were modern beds and everyone had been allocated with a bed. Perhaps that bed was an extra bed, or perhaps it originally came with the floating villa itself. My sleeping bag was soaking wet (it had accidentally dropped into the water) and I wasen't sure if I wanted to sleep on the cold, hard floor (esp when underneathe was water!). So, I decided to sleep on that big futon bed. It was very pretty, this bed. I took the time to notice the intricate embroidery details on the silk maroon-red blanket. The threads appeared to be made of gold, mixed with colored silk threads. The head rest or pillow was a hard, solid silk-covered block. There was also embroidery on it. I decided to use my own blanket to cover myself to sleep, and not use the head rest. Instead, I used a rolled up towel for my pillow. The bed was really big, there was still space for 2 other people after I laid down. The candle lights were put out and I covered my entire body, including my head, and wentto sleep (I just felt uncomfortable).

Suddenly, I was awakened by a noise. I peeped out from an opening in my blanket and saw....a very beautiful fair-skinned Japanese lady, dressed in periodic, Japanese furisode, that of the ancient Edo, Samurai period. Now this is really weird! Strangely though, I did not feel any sense of fear (think that is weirder than the fact I saw a woman dressed in periodic costume appearing from nowhere).

She was glowing magically in the moonlight, and she seemed happy. Her hair was shiny jet black and she had it falling straight down on the sides of her face and the rest of it tied back behind her head in a loose, low pony tail, with a straight cut fringe framing the top of her brows. She looked like a princess from her dressing. That gorgeous lady was approaching, walking towards me! However she seemed oblivious to my prescence. She laid beside me on the bed, on my left, and then, I felt yet another prescence in the room. I peered up through the covers once again and saw a man this time. He too was dressed in ancient, periodic costume and it seemed like he was wearing a court hat . He looked like a palace/ court official.

The man seemed to be smiling at the lady as she laid on the bed. And then, he came walking towards me too! He took off his hat and placed it at the table, and came and kneeled at the side of the bed, where the woman was. Then he embraced her in his arms as she got up and they kissed. Things are certainly getting weirder! I observed for a while more until I realized that they were beginning to strip off their clothes and I decided to end my sight -seeing for the moment. All I knew after that was hearing soft lovers' conversation in Japanese and feeling the bed shake. Surprisingly, this woman did not moan so loudly and desperately like what I see in those Jap porn movies. She did not even make any irritating high pitched scream or screech. She sounded quite soft & gentle on the contrary. Not that I want to be explicit, but this was something really unexpected. Weird

Finally, I heard a moan from the guy and I knew that they were finished with their act. However I wanted to make sure that they had at least put their clothes back on 1st before I start to observe them again. So I waited a while more before I started to peep through the blanket again. The guy seemed exhausted and was already lying fast asleep. However, the woman was still awake and was wearing the final finishes to her costume (A lot of different complicated layers). Then she laid on the bed and turned her body towards me. She seemed sad and was tearing a bit. I wonder why, for a moment ago, she seemed so happy. I could see her face in greater detail, her flawless, extremely fair, smooth complexion (without make up). Her still neat beautiful hair (even after sex? Maybe gals at that time did not move about much in bed), her rosy lips, big eyes (very rare to have big eyes for ancient Jap women), perfect delicate arched eyebrows.

And then the woman got up from the bed and walked out of the room. Being very curious, I trailed her. She walked down the steps, and into where I recognised as the bunk PUB. But now, instead of a pub, what I saw was an entirely different place! It was now a traditional Japanese wine place, and the place was lit with candle lights. There at the counter, was a man, apparently the bartender, dressed in traditional ancient Japanese garment, with a cloth tied across his forehead. He served her a traditional glass of sake. Woah! Weird weird weird!

Ok, so she was very depressed. She started downing herself more and more in wine....and then I decided to go back and catch my sleep. Before I knew it, it was daybreak. Damn!

I related this spooky encounter to the rest of the contenders and game participants. 2 of them weren't surprised as they recalled a story or event in Japanese history of a Japanese princess, a concubine to the 3rd prince, who had an affair with a court official and were both murdered in the princess's secret water villa by palace guards when their affair was discovered. The princess had been forced into her marriage with the prince, for he had threatened to kill her family if she refused. From then on, she was constantly mistreated and abused by the other concubines, 1st wife, empress and their servants. They were very jealous of her and her beauty and sought all ways and means to make life hell for her. Even her own husband, the prince constantly beat her up and abused her physically, and was a womaniser. She led a very hard life in the palace but her kind heart earned her true friendship with some of the maids and servants, and won the heart of a young, handsome palace court official. And it was said that every year, particularly on those 2 days a year, on the eve and night of death anniversary and her lover and servants, thier ghosts would haunt the villa. Especially that bed.

I was very amazed by the story, a real event that happened right in this very place in history! My partner got all excited and suggested swapping places with me so that he could sleep on my bed and see the beautiful gorgeous woman. I agreed but told him that I would sleep beside him, on the floor as he slept on the bed, for I too wanted to see her again.

So that morning, up till the early evening, we poured out all our hearts and soul in all the games and events, so that we would not be elimintated from the game and continue to stay on for that night, at least that 1 more night, so that we could see that beautiful Meiji Princess. We were so looking forward to our reward, when night fall came.

So, as planned, we took our positions on the bed and I on the floor, as "spies". Once again, I saw her, this time appearing together with her handsome lover. They looked so lovely beside each other, like the perfect loving couple as they glowed softly in the pale moonlight. Once again, I saw her smiling so happily and they played catching and were laughing and teasing each other. They did a painting together and recited poetry as they admired the moon (Not what my partner had in mind to see, he was hoping to catch some explicit action). Anyway, I felt so happy for the couple, they were certainly meant for each other, but if only....she wasen't married, and not a princess.

Then suddenly, The door barged open and she screamed. A few sinister shadows which appeared to be dressed in ancient military garb stormed in and started slashing away at them. Within seconds the 2 lovely beautiful people were killed and laid in a huge pool of blood. In the distance, behind us where the pub was situated, we heard slashing and screamings as well, both male and female voices. It was horrifying! I tried so hard to control myself and stop myself from screaming. Likewise, so did my partner it seems, cos he was digging his nails into my arm, but he has incessantly denied it

After the ordeal and after everything had cleared up and became an empty scene, back to our normal bunk. The 2 of us just couldnt stop crying. I nudged my partner on his shoulder and asked "Why are u a big man crying? U're a contender mind u!"

He simply said, "I feel so sad for them, that they had to die this way." I too felt the same and the both of us just continued crying.

Thats the end of the dream. I'm still wondering what it means.... hmm....the only reason why I even woke up was becos my husband was like shaking me to wake up in time for work.

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wow... that has to be the longest blog post I've seen yet...

I have to admit that I didn't read all of it, but from what I did read, very weird


I couldn't read it.
I have ADD.


I had a dream about Jennifer Lopez or however you spell it. She was a maid. I think she was Italian, working with lots of other maids, I think they were from another country working for some rich guy. A while after, “Maid in Manhattan” came out. Weird, I know. Yes. Weird.


“Likewise, so did my partner it seems, cos he was digging his nails into my arm, but he has incessantly denied it” How could he do this?

My dreams are usually messed up somehow, mostly scale wise and sometimes long, but never this long. I have a hard time believing you dreamt this in one night without waking up during the dream.


Hi MoniqueH, I find it hard to believe I dreamt this in 1 night too, without waking up. The part that I woke up at was the craying part at the end, where my husband was shaking me violently to wake up for work. I have checked with my Japanese colleague (I am not Japanese) and she has confirmed with me that this event did really happen in Japanese history, and she was shocked at the details I described, when I never was really into Japanese culture.

Ash Sammy

" like what I see in those Jap porn movies"

Anyways, in my dreams theres always a lack of logic.


Wow, that’s amazing. Thanks for posting this too, I really enjoyed reading it. Really.

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