does omg clothing ever print new slogans??? from the looks of it, the last ones were in febuary and there's only about 12 shirts in their stock i said, wtf???

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im sure they dont print alot of them, because its hard to find good slogans there. almost all of them are lame.

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maybe its not the slogans themselves, but the concept of the slogan on a tshirt has sort of left for the moment....i dunno, dont listen to me, I just make pretty pictures.


besides mine of course, hehe. but seriously, what do they think will happen if they judge them based on a pass/fail system??? oh well


what would macguyver do is genius. i hated omg until that shirt... glennz makes everyone better haha

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I think they take longer becase after they've picked a slogan they actually have to hire someone to design the shirt.

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