This is kind of like a poll.

Where do most of you find inspiration for your t-shirt designs?

One of my friends, Linda, was telling me how hers came up in a dream. I don't really know where to begin finding inspiration for a design.. usually I wing it and I'm unsatisfied with it so I don't even submit it.

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good places to find ideas:

closely listen to the lyrics music
watch alot of movies
little kids have wild imaginations, they can give you good ideas


First open your eyes... there is inspiration everywhere.
Close your eyes now... there is inspiration there too.
What do you smell? Can you draw it? Does a smell remind you of something?
Next think of something you are passionate about. Do you hate something, do you want to change something. Does the actions of some make you want to send a message without swearing at them ? Now... can you draw your message?
Now... do you love something, do you want to tell the world how much you love it? Can you draw it?
Stop trying so hard for inspiration. It is EVERYWHERE. The problem with most of todays "designers" is that they are trying too much to be cool. Design is a form of communication and I find it funny how it has changed into a tool of "coolness" for some. SHALLOWNESS can be found everywhere as well, so much that it has become generic and the true designer who can send a message in his art is a rare breed.
Where can you find inspiration?


ditto with both of you

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