G'NAP!!!! the Purple Zombie Smurfs episode

at last! i found this episode on the nets. i used to tell people about it all the time and no one believed me. apparently it has struck a chord with a few other zombie aficionados already

starts innocently enough, but it totally plays like a modern rage-zombie flick. a heavy episode that pretty much changed my life.

<embed height="369" quality="high" src="http://www.livevideo.com/flvplayer/embed/3C6E395905BC4C05B62F76EBFE1B8CCD&amp;autoStart=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="445"></embed>
The Purple Smurfs</div>

Watch this

I loved the smurfs!!!

travis76 profile pic Alumni

lol- deleted the risque smurfette vs purple GNAP zombies manga porn...although it was on topic, it probably wasn't safe for threadless... ;)

travis76 profile pic Alumni

oh god, i really hate that player now. every time i go to my blog, i have to hear the opening.. grrrr :P

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome, the smurfs rule!


oh man I used to love the smurfs

dacat profile pic Alumni

awesome episode!! I never made the zombie connection, but then again I was just a kid

travis76 profile pic Alumni

it definitely beat 28 days later, etc with the whole rage/infection angle


Wow I actually remember this episode.


Haha! Yeah, I remember first seeing this episode during a slumber party. That's when we first declared the smurfs to be "bad ass!"

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