they shouldnt have done the age thing

threadless was such a nicer place when everyone was here to vote on possible t-shirts. now that there is the option to tell your age everybody is obsessed with "OH MY GOSH THERE ARE SO MANY TEENAGERS!" yea so we're here, im sorry that i enjoy this website also, why cant we just go back and ignore the age and get back to being an over all nice community.

at least thats my opinion

Watch this

yes, people are very quick to prejudge.
without the ages, it was a much better community.


(they added the option to not show your age, check your profile)


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I'm still fine with the community. So what if I'm a teenager, I think I still do some decent work.


you aren't allowed to have an opinion.

anywho, maybe threadless should give the option of hiding your age on your profile.


oh snap, they already do, so, why is anyone complaining?

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I concur, that would be jolly good.

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I thought you were being sarcastic, chump. Now I look like a heel.


i dont mean to sound like im complaining, i mean i know i am, im just tired of all these blogs that are like "oh my gosh i cant wait till the teenagers go back to school" or "man they vote so low and submit such crappy designs" its just really unwelcoming and at least i try to analyze a submisson before i vote on it dont know about others

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Why make an option to hide the age? You can just go ahead and make your profile invisible.

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But that would be cowardly!


...none of this makes any sence anymore...


If people want to attack me for being 14, I don't have a problem with it.
If someone can't grasp the concept of teenagers actually being intelligent and want an age restriction, then obviously they're not mature enough for this site.

funkie fresh
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i think that the age thing is's just that when i've been clicking profiles and such, i never realized how young the threadless community has gotten and with all the crappy submissions pouring in it's easy to assume that it's due to these young teens who don't know what the hell they're doing and are just in it to win some money...BUT that being said, not all of the teenagers are like that (stuck with pins has some great stuff for example) but there just seems to be an overwhelming number of young teens roaming around threadless these days

but if the art is good then it's good and i wouldnt care how old the person is

Ash Sammy

they need to know how old are we, its good for them ehh???

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