Disco Turtle

  • by Mishiko
  • posted Jan 26, 2010

Disco Inturtle

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Disco Inturtle


I love the idea. Very very cute.

I wish his forearms were flippers. With them so round, its really obscuring the disco ball and that should be prominent. They also barely read as appendages. Even if he's kind of like a bath toy, move those forearms forward a little and maybe flatten them slightly into flippers? The way they're sticking out now they look like pontoons, and they're sticking out at a right angle like airplane wings.

I hope that helps - I love this and would like to see it made.


Love it
Change the background colour though i think and maybe make the image bigger? Try it
Get this printed


Ciava - When you say change the background colour do you mean the colour of the tshirt?


I would assume thats what she means. I disagree with her on the 'make it bigger' comment. 3Bee is right, the arms are hiding the disco ball. The disco ball should be the shell, so it should envelop the turtle's appendages, not the other way around.

Very nice illustration though.

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Make the disco ball larger... nice idea.


make the turtle look more realistic. Right now it looks like a flotation device with a weird ball on the top


Disco Inturtle
Hi I've made a few changes. Thanks for all the feedback.


how adorable!

I like it on the tan or blue....

I dont really like his nose, I would take it out...

Also maybe keep a little part of the flipper touching his body so it looks like its concept instead of a solid shape in front of his body...

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hi !

i like your design I prefer it on the blue tee perhaps white would apso look cool?!

the turtle could perhaps be make a little bigger so it stands out more as there is a bit of detail on the disco ball people wouldnt be able to see at a distance and the light coming from the ball could do with being a different colour either a yellow or just different tones of grey/silver something light in colour.




maybe a bit more detail on the turtle? :)


Disco Inturtle-o


it looks cute, try to make the turtle light and the t-shirt dark :)

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mr me

i like the idea but the turtle looks like a blob...think the disco ball could be more dazzling, think u can get it printed with glitter ink which would add alot.


hahahah good idea!!!

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thanks :)


Disco Inturtle
I've added an overlay of colours but I am not sure if those colours are really printable on a tshirt.


Yeah, if the shell was bigger that would look awesome. I really like the idea though, nice work.

Stay Cool


The green things look like lily leaves, although they might also be spotlights. I think it would look nice if the turtle appeared to float on water. Draw some lightblue ripples around the turtle.

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I really like it but I agree that the disco ball should be bigger. Maybe if it was just half a disco ball with legs and a head sticking out. I would also maybe lower the design placement and make the colours shining off of the ball longer and maybe more of them.

Please have a look

Buclkes and or Straps

the original sub is the best

dont like the 'spikes of light' can tell what they are meant to be but only cos its a disco ball

a nicer shade of green would be good too

id prolly buy the original in a diff shade of green

Buclkes and or Straps

i also like the idea of a light up dance floor a la sat night fever


Turtle in a disco shell...turtle power


Turtle in a disco shell


it's awesomely awesome!
But i think it would really benefit from a lighter/more colourful tee.
nice job and good luck!

i love comments!


Turtle in a disco shell



i liked the squares on the dance floor on the previous design better though.
great work!


Turtle in a disco shell


Nice. I really enjoy it. I think you should make it slightly bigger though.


I would try a different shirt color, and maybe play around a bit with the linework. Vary the size of the lines and stuff like that.


i liked more the 1rst version!!

the colours beneath the turtle dont convince me but i think its a really good idea


Disco Inturtle


I'm not sure what colour shirt this design should go on. Also i think it would be better as a kids shirt.

What do you think?

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I like the floor in V8 a bit better. The wavy floorspace just adds a bit more flair and interest to the design

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

Wow! I love this concept! And your character is really cute!:)

Personally, I prefer the floor in V8, since it seems less distracting and fits better the idea. Also, the lights reflecting in the ball could be more subtle, and maybe have blurry borders, so they look more like lights.

Regarding tee color, have you tried black? It looks like a discon in the night and make the colors stand out!! :)

I wish you the best luck! =)
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