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  • by lv2drw
  • posted Jan 25, 2010

Mighty much better without the green ranger.

Watch this

Mighty much better without the green ranger.

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wow this is lloking slick! Do you have a bigger image for the design, i'm really curious about illo.


That is fantastic! Why not have them with their natural colours, but with each Dinosaur having the others skin tone.


oh god yes. I love every part of this (being a dinosaur dork and all).

The only things I would do is maybe play around with the colors and maybe ad some people fleeing in terror. Otherwise, it's great.

Check out my critique (please)


ok thanks! I'll try it out on a lighter color&on a model. I'll have a revision up this afternoon


more.than.ordinary-if I understood the instructions-I can have 8 "UNIQUE" colors, so if that's the case then I have tints/tones of white, black, red, yellow, blue, pink, neon blue for the background and a salmon color for the tongues.
I'm gonna feel like an idiot if I messed that up cuz I frikkin love the color scheme.

And BardsleyDesign-this is a PR shirt!!! I just danced around copyrights to make it happen. I'm thinkin of renaming it to "Screw Tommy" or "who needs the green ranger"...or for frisky dingo fans out there, "boosh".


This is a go.


This is awesome! I was just thinking the other day we need more old school Power Rangers shirts!

Please add the big lightning bolt behind them and it would complete it for me, lol.


I like this a lot. The main colours selected are perfect fits for the Rangers in question, and (to go against the grain) I actually like the Cyan on Black background, it has a nice "basic" feel to it. You might have to watch for is the 8 colour limit (unless your shading is halftones, in which I think it's ok).

The eyes of the T-Rex and the Smilodon are well defined, but you might want to add a bit more definition to the Triceratops, the Mammoth and the Pterosaur's eyes. The same yellow on the T-Rex would work well for the Triceratops and the Mammoth.

'Tis an awesome idea that has me crying in a fit of Nostalgia.

And here's mine.


I love this. It makes me cry in fits of nostalgia.

I'm going to go against the grain and say i think the colours are pretty spot on, even the cyan on black background. The bright colours really help kick out the pop reference. It's a loud shirt, but it's damn fun.

You might want to define the eyes of the Triceratops and the Mammoth a bit more, maybe make them the same yellow as the Tyrannosaur's eyes, it'll add that little bit more life.

Again; awesome design.

And here's mine if you'd like to help.

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