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  • by jublin
  • posted Jan 24, 2010

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New trend idea... this was created using an old physics test from high school along with doodles and notes taken from high school and college notebooks.

Now I don't think the new trend is replicating this exact shirt, but the idea and message behind it. The trend i'm hoping for is a surge of new designs inspired by things you wouldn't normally see on a shirt. Stuff that was made without the threadless competition or t-shirts in mind. Math homework, notes, journals, essays, sheet music, poems, doodles, whatever you have that interests you. Find it, make it your own and make it unique, then present it on a shirt.

The new trend should be focused on WHERE people are finding their inspiration and source material and then submitting whatever the hell they want. Whether you consider yourself a "designer" or not, hopefully this can inspire more people to submit designs and encourage more people to participate.

A larger image can be found here my threadless blog

(along with more convoluted thoughts and ideas regarding "new trends") thanks!

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Congrats Man. Excellent idea. reminds me of Math class LOL

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

Excellent concept, congrats!

Stefano 6884

one of the most brilliant concepts on threadless ever, imho.


amazing print! big congrats!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Congrats man! I'm so glad this one printed


congrats on the print. i am DEFINITELY buying this, right now.
because i doodle all over tests... all the time.


sort of breaks the 4th wall, huh? bought this and shipping :)


i can relate to this


your supa dope! great ideas


"wolf in sheeps clothing" I don't know if that was inspired by This Providence, but I love it. And if by chance it wasn't, I'm going to pretend like it was anyways.

I love this.


I'd love to have this as a poster in my classroom!


I love the teachers comment 'Explain this a bit more'

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