Poppin' Cherries washup

So at the end of the scoring period for my first design 'Poppin' Cherries' im left pondering how I could've possibly improved or changed my design in order to promote a better average score.
I cannot help but think it might have had something to do with the inherent message of popping cherries or perhaps it just wasnt cute enough? Perhaps some anime character could've helped?

Anyways, I'm keen to get some critical feedback from the threadless cohort with regards to the design. So please, put on your game face and unleash the fury!


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d3d profile pic Alumni

i dunno if anime would have helped. the problem is the sexual connotation, and anime characters would have only made it creepy.
i don't mind sex on a shirt but the rule here tends to be "can i wear it in front of my grandma?"

nice style though. good luck with your next one.

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Sex sells... but not here in Threadless!

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