Foxy Lady

Watch this

Awesome! I love it


Just wanted to show how the tee will look on a person. I also decided to make the outlines dark brown instead of black to give it a more antique look.


i like the fox i think the lady's scary


I like the idea, but I think it could use something more. Something to pop.

Could you spare a sec to look at my critique?


very cool. bit long in the neck methinks.

take a look at mine if you get a chance. would love some input :) best of luck


this is awesome! i am going 2 agree w. Leomonadeproject. i think it would look awesome ona grey shirt cool idea tho.

critique mine if you have time WOULD BE AWESOME


Thought I would try Leomonadeproject's suggestion of using gray instead of the orange and I like both. What does everyone else think?


Thought I would try white as well


My first try at a flash template.


You have some nutty illustration skills don't you? I like this. VERY noir!


jumppuppyjump what do you mean by nutty? :)


Nice theme and color. Good design. Now, if I may get a little rough on you I have some crit for the lineart. The left eye is way too high on her face compared to the tilt of her head. If you draw an imaginary line from cheekbone to cheekbone you can clearly see it. Also the left cheekbone is a nasty tangent try tucking the jaw-line into the cheekbone-line.


Uh, and a quick shadowlayer for the top half of the neck and right below the rim of the hat would do wonders :D


Oh, great! Just try to put some wallpaper ornaments on the shirt to, some of the old floral ones, and that's it. Would definitely buy :)


oooohh controversial! :) I agree with Madsherman's comments, it just needs a little tightening up as he says.

My first sub is up for scoring! Organised Confusion


look pretty nice, but there is one thing- the tail looks too thin when it comes under the fox's head. you should make it thicker there!

please, score and comment my design, if you have time; tryingNEWthings


i think you should refrain from this specific's very hard to press the buttons...if you'd like, email me a remainder to: and i'll send you two other flash temps which i found around here that are much better!

Please score my design: African Mirage and if you have the time, tell me what you think about the final version before submitting of: Lets settle this! :)


Sure to sub it now!! And please comment on my design on critique.


I love this and would definitely buy it. Its perfect.

If you have time, please score my design but when it's gone

Hannelore Reynders

I like the orange best. If you'd fix the tail it would be better.

Please check out my critiques


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