My Heart's A Buzz

  • by shusein
  • posted Jan 20, 2010

This started as a self portrait and is an addition to the "heart" series.

Watch this

This started as a self portrait and is an addition to the "heart" series.


OOH i love this! especially since my name means honey bee. :D

i want this. 5$


This is very cool! I can see an entire line of items to go with this design...


too many bee illo's

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

i think without showing the hand could be more better!


agreed - better without the arm.


lawrence cindylou. - i had it on critiques for a while no comments :( .. but general consensus from friends .. hand won

Mel2DaIssa - what is your name ?

Rebecca Zhao

Yes, I'm agree, the hand makes it little bit busy...

mayor mccheese

not too many women will want a shirt like that


oh I love the hands


you're right mayor .. maybe a shirt without the hand for women ?

Matty Geez

I love beez. Buy. Agree with FRICKINAWESOME, though.


yeah eh !... thanks Matty and Frickinawesome ..
i have one without the hand but it looks empty .. BUT .. already taken the commens and doing some more ..
and "DevilishleTweet" .. I do have a whole series based on heart ..
called it the "HEARTee" collection !!! lol ..


i love it..its gorgeous and it look good on the blue t-shirt.


I completely agree with FRICKINAWESOME about the hand, Also it looks way better on the cream T shirt.


thanks for the honest and good words peeps ...
i tried it out on a different colours .. seems to come out well .. except on yellow .. although it doesn't look tooo bad ..

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