Ice Creamy

The new trend will be feels.

Wait a few seconds for the model.


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weird style
gooey, crazy colors.

aka my kind of shitttt $5


haha, cool!:DD


"oh no my arm is melting!!" ... it could happen :-) Nice illustration

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nice! melty is the future

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looks good on the shirt!

B 7
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So awesome. I really love the feeling this evokes but i don't quite understand this feeling which it what good surrealish art always does for me. Also just on the level of being a good piece of shirt design it works really well too, the textures, the flow of the 'melting-ness' and the colours are really pleasing and it's really cool to see something done which has a beautiful personal meaning behind it. I hope you don't mind me pasting your explanation here from Ginette's blog, Mike:

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oops HTML fail.

'I felt that designs should have more personal meaning to them. When I said the new trend should be "feels", it could be viewed as both physical and mentally. Visuallyy, I wanted it to look simple and flat, but give the impression that it's something textured. I also tried for it to look like melting paper. Mentally, I liked the image of ice cream because it makes me think of my childhood. Having it look like paper was also reminiscent of those books with cut-out illustrations I read as a kid. I wanted the design to feel childlike and happy, even though it has a melting arm.'

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oh and $$5

Skap 1er

ooooooh, goopy goodness! super rad dude

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disturbing but so effective in what it's trying to portray. Really decent stuff and nice placement coming in from the wings liek that.

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soooo fresh

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