Just weird

All complete hand drawn and digitally colored in.

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looks great. i would say it needs some better placement though. maybe the side? and personally i would like a different color scheme. cool design, though

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Punk's Not Dead...


Very cool. Like paisley on crack. I would say a different color scheme, too. Or maybe a different shirt color. Or perhaps even both! I'm diggin' the organic forms though.


I think maybe also one iteration of it is enough. No need to repeat it so many times.

Dr. Awesome42

this is cool. but you could try another color, and possibly make it uncentered.

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What do you think of this position; going from front to back.
Currently working on different colour artwork.
All complete hand drawn and digitally colored in.


like this on black (no.1).. cool design!

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the design is great!
i like n.2 and 6


Try different color schemes also it brings new looks to it and maybe will create different color schemes for both shirts and design! awesome keep it up


I like number 10


*i meant number 1


I like 3 & 10 the best. I think they're more interesting going at an angle, and with the color. The color really emphasizes the amazing detail

Great work!


i like the bottom right black :) the patterns seem transparent in some way :)


Neat looking drawing! I am drawn to the bottom two. I like the cream with green combo. the most because it's just different looking. However, I like things that tend to be exuberant in color. Which may not be the norm (?)


awesome, I like the bottom two!

the daddy

love number 3, it works the best
Number 4 is the weakest
But all good

submit it


I'd go with the bottom right. Very cool design and thanks for the crit.

haunted haus

wow that looks great. i really like it on the cream shirt


I like it. It reminds me of a fractal. I agree 3 is the best option. What if there were fainter versions of this in the background?

P.S. thanks for the feedback on mine.


I like 1 but they're all good.
Good job!


cool- i like black and gray but they are great


you most likely will have too change it as with my design to a one color if you want it at that size. going over seems makes registration impossible. Looks good though and is very dynamic


Really great design! I like 4 the best, but I think any of these would be nice.


mmmm i like this , its beautiful . i hope it get printed!


You may want to consider using a real tee instead of the threadless template, they're just nicer looking: TEES!!


This is pretty cool! I like the blacked out version best. I noticed in the reasons for denial, they said the image cant run of the shirt to the sleeve, but lots of people have done it, so I guess it works. I have a design that I hope you will look at and give me your opinion...


I have a question about mine


Yes the black version is the best one great concept and design.


I think it's a great idea, i like the balck one, the green one im not sure of maybe you could try a blue colorway? im just saying what i would like to see ('cause i love blue) haha great work man!


i really like the tan one with more colors in it...i'm just curious about whether or not the image also wraps around one side of the shirt or not? the orange and green together definitely pop though, and that's a good thing

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