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$250 Store Credit Query:

When you get the $250 in store credit, as part of the printed submission prize, is it implemented in Street Team Points? Or emailed/regular mailed as a gift certificate?

I'd like to hurry up & spend ALL OF IT, right now, on elevendy hundred shirts!!

See, back in the days of yore, I always dreamed of having a canopy over my bed...

Watch this

Craig comes to your house in a helicopter and gives you a buckey of Threadless fun money.


But seriously, they'll e-mail you a voucher.


I'm curious to know this answer... streetteam points would suck, since you need to spend them all at one time or lose them. That needs to change too.

so a voucher?

  1. I'd rather have Eyebrows "Arzie" McGee in a bucket.

  2. Email?! Dang, have not recieved it yet & ended up spending almost $80 already! HAHAH!

  3. Thanks for the speedy reply, Moss.
funkie fresh

it's an emailed voucher and can be used over multiple orders




funkie: since your shirt was a Club shirt did you get a membership to the club for winning?


That'd be the tops.


yes'sm she does. (1 year)


dear mezo,
i would like to say congratulations on your fab shirt being printed. have a wondeful time with your prize money and free shirts. you deserve it.

love dan.


Dear Dan,

Thank you for your kind letter. Your sentiments added to my current elated state of mind. Very sweet, indeed.

*Enclosed you will not find an autographed photo of me. Enjoy!



subconciously you just wanted to make the rest of of jealous right?

Geoff G

Congrats mezo. The "Fast" Supper is definitely one of the finest illustrations here on threadless.

Which program did you use to create it?


Rob- No. It was all conscious; i.e. NAH NEE NAH NEE BOO BOO!

Geoff - AI to the 10th power & thank you.


hey what's your credit code?
i'm just curious, and collecting them. i won't use it.


oh yeah, is this your first win?


Gee Travis...I wish I could tell you what the code was, but unfortunately I have yet to recieve it. Isn't it supposed to be emailed immediately when the shirt goes up?

To answer your other question: see above "when do I get the store credit, lready?!" ignorance.


I really want the photoshop ducky shirt.....

Mr Rocks

Congrats galore Stef, you should be proud. That is a cool shirt, and you so deserved to get printed.


congratulations MEZO, your shirt so cooool .I really like it.


id give you an icecream cone if you buy me somthing because im poor :]


congrats mezo, awesome concept with excellent execution... the only thing I could ask for is different color options for the shirt :P

great job though, really


heeey, nice work! after all those submissions you deserved it!


Miss Mezo,

Congratulations on getting your shirt printed. I was keeping an eye on it to see if it would ever get printed. And it did. I bought it even before Threadless put the new designs/reprints up on the main page. Along with three other shirts. I am that fiscally responsible. Thank you for blessing us all with such a fantastic shirt.

Less than three,


I love to be your canopy

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