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This is my first go at this design. Let me know what you think!


Maybe more variety in the drops, or them all at a slight angle could be cool.


I've changed the size and angle of the drops, added highlights to the eyes and also scaled the whole thing down a bit. What does everyone think now?


not my cuppa arain drop but it would be cool for kids i guess
as far as a finished image its finished but i dont feel it captchers anything that i havent seen a million times before the idea isint that originall but it is well executed

Ars Fera

Thanks for the comment!
This is cute, but I hear what Jesus KrisT and Louisfar are saying.. I'm not sure if I'd personally wear it, but I'm sure it could make a good kids tee.
Now for critiquing! This is a great improvement from the last V :) The only things that bother me are the little tufts of cloud where his legs and arms come out. They sort of remind me of turkey legs or something.. I would get rid of them and just have a small curved line for where the arms and legs sprout from.
Other than that, this is cute :) I like it!


yeah I also concur its very cute and version 2 is better

would be better for kids

laurastead profile pic Alumni

Cloud pee rules. Yes, smooth the arm and leg holes. Oh! An idea for you! UV ink! Indoors the cloud has no pee and a straight face. Outside the cloud has a smile and pee!

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