Best Christmas Ever! (pics)

Christmas was so amazing this year! I hope everyone had a fun holiday with family and friends.
It’s half passed noon right now and I’m already half through a bottle of Baileys and about 6 cups of coffee! Woo

The goods!

I got a wicked mushroom candle, my fave shampoo!!, some awesome stuff from lush, a wood model helicopter I get to build, a camera keychain, 2 movie tickets, chocolate, 3 candles that smell amazing and a cute little dish to put them on, PJ’s, a beer bottle opener necklace thing that I plan on making into a keychain, some red money!!, a $50 gift card to Bikini Bay……AND a trip to the Dominican Republic!!! With my whole family and my boyfriend (10 people)! This was the best Christmas ever…. I can’t even believe how lucky I am. I have never seen a palm tree and I cannot wait. My siblings haven’t even been on a commercial jet before!


Watch this

they should've gotten you some doorknobs too.

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wow, congrats lucky you! :) and merry christmas, of course!


Wow, very nice! My best part so far is giving my cat the catnip plant I bought him and watching him get super high and strung out.. ;D


Haha I feel like a cat on cat nip right now, Im the most excited I’ve ever been! Everyone's still in shock and just going nuts.

Merry Christmas guys!

@Omair, I asked santa for some but he gave us a friggen trip instead. What a douche.


quite douchey saint nick.

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