anyone else having trouble with the UV ink?

  • by limsilas
  • posted Dec 11, 2009

i'm loving this shirt but can barely see the cat even when in full-on, direct sunlight.

am i missing something? does the UV ink need to "charge up" glow-in-the-dark style?

Watch this

I'm having trouble, too. I've only worn it a handful of times, so I'm hoping it was just because it was a bit cloudy, but what did show up looked more like a light stain rather than ink :(


i didnt know there was any uv involved, i thought it was just the smile ahah

the Sleeping Sky
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was it this visible or less cause ive seen it more visible than it is in that picture?

Andreas Mohacsy
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i hope it works, i just purchased several!!!


oh, that looks great, sleeping sky!

i don't think mine looked like that...but, as it's been cloudy here too, i'll have to try it again.


just got it today 25th what a great tee and it does need alot of DIRECT sunlight mine looks just like the picture above on the outside

Andreas Mohacsy
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the UV ink on mine seems to have gone a little yellow, i'm concerned because this is my fav shirt at the moment!


I think maybe it has something to do with how you wash/dry it. Maybe it has to be machine wash cold or hot, and maybe you can't dry it with excessive heat or something.


Mine is turning yellow too!!! After 2 washes. I used delicate soap, washed on cold, dried on low. Hmmm...


mine too, after first wash...
and the color had not been fixed well, the shirt arrived to me already dirty...


mine seems to have darkish lines at the top of the cat's head. they're there with and without sunlight. i wonder why?


Hmm, I'm not a fan of UV or glow t-shirts really, they're too dependent on conditions you can't control.


Haha mine after the first handwash turned a little pinkish and the colour spread after a few washes... I think the UV ink undergoes some kinda reaction after washing =/


Unfortunately, the UV ink is very light on this shirt excepting a full blast of sunlight

I haven't noticed any discoloration (yet) with this shirt washed inside out and line-dried.


After the first two washes, the UV-ness on mine became almost unnoticeable... :'(


I have issues too, the "invisible" UV ink became visible. Under no UV light (e.g. inside), the cat body appears as gray. The t-shirt was washed only twice in cold water, and air dried.



­I hand-wash it, with cold water (and air dried) and now I can't see Cheashire anymore. I'm a little dissapointed, I bought a t-shirt I can't clean!


I've had my shirt for a few months and the cat doesn't even TRY to show up. I live in Houston, so I know it's not the sun's problem.. This is really disappointing. It was one of my favorite shirts. Now the glow-in-the-dark ink is starting to fade too. :( I want a refund or credit or something. I love the concept, but Threadless really needs live up to its standards.


Hmmmmm I just purchased this shirt and am now considering returning it.


Hmmmmm I just purchased this shirt and am now considering returning it.

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