$10,000 for Threadless Loves Threadless 2K10

Is it just me, or is the challenge description abit vague?

"Your challenge is to create the new trend!"

Okay, so that's er... what, excactly?

Anything that's not a: Pirate?
Anything that's not a: Ninja?
Anything that's not a: Cat playing the piano?
Anything that's not a: Zombie?
Anything that's not a: Wolf, Tiger, etc.?

Okay, well that's pretty much what everyone does already, submitting new and interesting stuff. I'm not sure how this differs from normal, besides not doing the above cliches...


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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

asking for clarification about creating a new trend kind of defeats the purpose of creating a new trend

olie! profile pic Alumni

It not, really.

Just try to do something awesome and original.


tracerbullet, my sentiments are echoed in other blog posts.
This is exciting, albiet super vague.
They should have titled it, "Keep doing what you're doing! Just no more (see above)."

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

the good thing is, that if your design wins, and it fails to become a new trend afterwards, you've the $10.000 in your pocket already.


Trend setting is totally random.

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Vague is the point, I suppose.

The new trend and/or winner could end up being anything, really. It's about imagination and being inventive, clever, etc. Limits or specific guidelines would hinder those aspects.

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

im thinking about starting the mediocre, underscored design trend, but that may have been done before


I've seen alot of new "Owl" postings over at Emptees.
Maybe the owlers got a shot at it.


After a few months have past, when they see what the actually trend becomes, I'm sure they will have to take the prize back and give it to the true trend setter. It's only fair.


lol johnny baboon, "mediocre underscored desgin trend"

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

The new trend is going to be koalas riding motorcycles. with holographic ink.

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

hahaha. it's hilarious to see that the list of cliche's to be avoided in that contest is still the today's cliches list. Plus ca change...!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i still think simple designs are the way of the future

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

I do think so, too. Trend leans to more doodahs though, not less.

jillustration profile pic Alumni

I also think it's funny that the chosen design had two cliches they were telling everyone to avoid - oversize animals and birds!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

it seems like almost all the doodahs have been exhausted, though!

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

and "no epic fantasy scenes"

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

furry heads and diamond shaped puke holes is where it's at yo!

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

yeah. The stuff with epic fantasy animals on epic vessels in epic landscapes. It's the category I just call "epic stuff"

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