Thank you!!!

Montro and I want to thank all of the voters for liking our shirt and Threadless for doing such a wonderful job with the printing!!!


Watch this
HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

this shirt is GOLD..congrats dude


YES! Way to go again! I hope I come into money before it sells out :)

Montro profile pic Alumni

Yep, thank you everyone for making this happen and Threadless for making it look so good on the tee!

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Thanks!!! Aaron, I've been just busy with life, but i still try to vote regularly, I'll start in earnest this week and I also have a couple of WIPs going. So I'll be around more


this design sucks!!!


oops how inappropriate ;)


What exactly is wrong with breast-feeding in public? Nothing.

Skap 1er

YES! so glad this printed. Congrats!

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Well, This isn't about right or wrong is about public behavior people object to ( for whatever reason breast feeding in public makes a lot of those lists )

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

yay! congrats!

quister profile pic Alumni

Yay! Congrats you two, great concept and awesome illo! Much deserved :D


Breastfeeding is natural and a beautiful thing and does not belong alongside a pooing dog, burping man and old lady sticking her finger up. Just because some uneducated and ignorant people believe breastfeeding to be 'inappropriate' - is no reason to fuel the fire!


The breastfeeding inclusion is so off. Who actually objects to this other than the designers and other ignorants?

As for the other images, only an attention seeking dullard would want pictures of people farting, burping and dirty toilets on their chests.

Ugly overall anyway, the colours are insipid.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Gee...I guess you won't be buying then! All torn up inside!

Montro profile pic Alumni

Public breast-feeders of the world unite! Yeah

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

HmmmI can see that this is a divisive issue

While a lot of people may find the sight of a baby suckling on a milk-engorged breast, as they enjoying a happy meal, trying on a pair of cargo pants or using the ATM, to be the most beautiful thing in the world plenty of others do not.

And this tee is not about the personal views of the designers but of a large segment of society.


Actually, I just joined this site after following the link to the tshirt sale, and was looking through to see what shirt I should buy and saw this one and was disgusted. So disgusted that I signed up the site just to let you know how disgusted I was!

Breastfeeding Mama

Not only is this tee NOT funny, it's rude and insulting to breastfeeding mothers. You guys are either ignorant or stupid. I also signed up because I was so disgusted, and I have sent in a complaint as well. Because some ignorant fools think FEEDING your baby in public is inappropriate, doesn't mean you have to fuel their fire. Lumping a nursing mother along side someone picking their nose and a dog taking a poo, is so offensive and insensitive! Thanks a lot of putting us back in the dark ages... maybe we should be tied to the kitchen sink too?


To the people that keep saying that breastfeeding in public is NOT inappropriate, I must disagree. Have some decency and have your kid suck on your boob in the privacy of your home. No one wants to see it... Well, I sure as heck don't. Get a flippin breast pump and put it in a bottle for everyone's sake. That way everyone's happy, unless you like having your boob hang out in public.

On another note, I like the shirt, I thought it was funny. I, you know, have a sense of humor.


Well, I'm an old member and think you're a f*cking imbicile for putting Breastfeeding in an "inappropriate" category.

What the hell do you think breasts are for?

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

breasts are for protecting the vital chest organs during an avalanche or earthquake.


Actually I take that back. So it was on an inappropriate list, ok. But why perpetuate it?

Apple, on the other hand - you are an idiot.


'And this tee is not about the personal views of the designers but of a large segment of society'.

A large segment of society are against babies being fed? Bullshit! This is clearly your view. I suggest you ask your mother, sister or grandmother what they think of your t-shirt.

Jai Deliete

Bullshit back atcha, then. No one said they're against babies being fed.

It's interesting that the people complaining about breastfeeding being "on the list" are ignoring all of the other items on the t-shirt design that are just as innocent as breastfeeding but also things that the common public do not particularly care to see occur:

Gross old people showing too much skin in a bathing suit have every right to do so, no one's arguing against that. Dogs have to poop, according to that "Everybody Poops" book (Personally, I have a hard time believing it), so why is THAT offensive to some of the pro-public-breastfeeding-ers? Pooping is absolutely as vital of an organic process as eating is. Why are these whiners ignoring their ability to defend the perfectly-acceptable actions of people eating bananas and kissing "being compared to" flashers and public inebriation/urination, and instead trying to defend breastfeeding from poopers (Which is, remember, EVERYbody) and nose-pickers (A similarly-innocuous action)? It is because they are dumb, of course.

Very good job with the design, Ivan. Intriguing that, as a visual decrier of inappropriate behavior, the design is itself made to be inappropriate -- but I like it. I might add open-mouth-chewing and drivers-talking-on-cell-phones to the "list", but it's already jam-packed with a startling amount of detail.

Breastfeeding Mama

The difference is Jai that the poo'ing, picking your nose, etc can be done privately. We are talking about a baby/child's RIGHT to nutrition ie FOOD. When you are out and about with your baby, they have every right to feed in the same places you do. You also have the right to pick your nose where you chose, but you are not going to be disadvantaged by waiting until you are in your own home. Someone (dog or other) poo'ing in public is inappropriate as for starters, it sticks! And then you have the waste matter to deal with. Same as wee.

To compare feeding your baby with someone take a public dump is ridiculous, pathetic, rude, insensitive, backward and downright stupid!

If you want to defend the 'golden oldies' from baring all, I will back you up on that one. I can't be the public defender for everyone. My main concern is for babies/children and their mothers and I commented accordingly.


If you don't know anything about babies and breastfeeding, then let me enlighten you.

Pumping and feeding baby with a bottle can be bad for the breastfeeding relationship. It's a lot more work to suckle at the breast, which is good for baby's mouth. Young babies especially need to suckle at the breast.

To ask new moms to NEVER breastfeed in public because breasts are offensive is to consign them to being housebound. New babies need to feed frequently.

We're mammals, guys. Live with it. It's not a secret.

I joined to comment on this shirt, but I rather like many of the other shirts I saw. Cool site.

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

Wow guys, your design started a whole new debate! Well I'm not going to get into that, I'm just going to say I'm on the side of this shirt! Congrats and hopefully there is a 3rd collab on its way!


Hi guys,
personally I love the colours and the design, but I would never wear it because of the breastfeeding mum on there. Breastfeeding is beautiful IMO, and I would be embarrassed for anyone seeing me in that T-Shirt thinking I was so repressed about something so normal!
You should take off the breastfeeding and put on something else that really is 'inappropriate'. Then me and my friends might buy one.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

If babies can breastfeed, WHY CAN'T I??????


Bio-bot 9000 - Breastfeeding has nothing to do with sex, it is about nourishing babies. Your comment clearly shows your level of maturity...

Hands 55

anybody else notice Robert Pattinson Look-alike at the top?


Hmmm...more gen Y clap-trap I see!
I like the way you try to justify it by saying "this tee is not about the personal views of the designers but of a large segment of society"...and how many people did you poll to get this dubious "statistic"?
Also, your assertion that a dog should "get a room" to take a poop is just plain stupid.
I stumbled on this when I was looking at other designs & I had to join so I could express my irritation. It is hard enough for new Mums to deal with all the challenges involved in having a newborn without a bunch of cretins thinking it is OK to perpetuate a mysoginistic view that breasts are for the sexual pleasure of men rather than nourishing an infant!

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Thanks, supporters! Thanks, detractors!

jublin profile pic Alumni

such a great tee! i also noticed that in the product pics there are probably about 10 recycled pics using the same shirt on different accounts. :P


this discussion is hilarious

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