Since I know a lot of artists are a part of this site I was wondering if any of you lovely people attend the Art Institute of Boston? I'm going to apply for fall 2007 and I'm very curious of the innerworkings and such. :)

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Well, I don't know anything about the Art Institute of Boston, but that's cool that you'll be attending!
So, you do art huh? Are we going to be seeing any subs from you?


Photography, mostly. I'm not too skilled in the art of drawing or graphic design so no subs probably any time soon :P

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I applied there way back when .. wasnt impressed by tehm .. if yer in mass already go for either mass art or montserrat.. what are you planning on goign for ?

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wait duh .. im gonna gues photo



when's your birthday?

I'm gonna gues the 15th of July

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