Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I saw the one of the best movies I've seen in a while at a friend's place tonight. It's on DVD now. I'm buying it tommorow. It's called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Val Kilmer and Robert Downy Jr. star in it. It's hilarious, really weird, and has lots of twists. I highly recomend it.

Watch this

Thumbs up, really great noir-ish comedy. Almost a spoof, it's awesome.

Val Kilmer as Gay Perry.....he's still a babe!

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haha yeah. Gay Perry is one of the greatest assholes in movie history.


jeremy, gather up a bunch of your buddies and watch visitor q...youll thank me later!

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I just read a review of Visito Q

haha...sounds disturbing

king slug

or just watch demolition man and here the old dude say "no kiss kiss, no bang bang!"


I saw this with a couple friends in someone's dorm room this year. I thought it was a pretty awesome fun movie.


ive seen chitty chitty bang bang


i just dup'd it and haven't watched it yet...
i hadn't heard much about it yet, i'm excited now!!!


I walked into this movie in December basically knowing just the premise. I was very surprised how awesome it is.

But pretend you didn't read that. Movies are way better without critics filling your head with ideas of whether or not you're 'supposed' to like a movie.

Malcolm Man

oooooo...looks promising.

Even though Val is a duche

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