Quick Nick = One tee / $5 / 24 hours!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Dec 01, 2009

Our new temp, Nick seems to be getting into a whole ton of mischief here at Threadless. He has located the switch that makes a tee $5! It then takes us exactly 60 minutes to figure out how to turn it back to full price! (Makes total sense, right?)

Stay tuned right here to this blog, as we’ll be updating everyone on when this is happening. That way, you’ll know to (not) purchase during those times. Thank you!

ELFALICIOUS is only $5 for the next 24 hours!

Watch this
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Wow. threadless - u fkng cool!!! =)


Always ordering the wrong moment... (puke)
ordered shirts at 9$ for over 100$, no free shipping, and now that. (puke)


That's really taking it to the streets like a tee-shirt vendor in Times Square hawking $5 I heart NY shirts. Awesome.


It had said the sale was from 1:00pm-2:00pm Central Time....

it's now 1:59pm CT and no sale :(


1:00 PM tomorrow, y'all


As Skirkster said, TOMORROW.


Remember your time zones, guys/girls/asexual microorganisms! In Los Angeles, for example, it's from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (noon), Friday December 11th. Just because they have the time listed in CT doesn't mean that it doesn't happen in other time zones, it just means you have to convert it. That's why the email has a link to a Time Zone Converter.

If I'm mistaken, I apologize profusely (that means "a lot"). Please correct me, and point and laugh as desired.


would a two year old girl like either these?


I'm confused!? They're only $5 tees in infant & kids sizes, not adult. Whats the point? I don't think I could fit into that small of a shirt...

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

Done and DONE!

My daughter will thank you later!!!


NM, read the small print @ the bottom. Looking forward to tomorrow. :-P


Yay Cancle button... Now to see exactly how long till my paypal gets the money back.
Not yay.


ack, I almost bought a hoodsie but stopped myself because of the shipping ... then I find a $5 coupon in my email that was sent this afternoon but I didn't see it til tonight :-(

Here's hoping there's another quick nick I'll like tho!


that's pretteh kickin'
i was thinking about getting that shirt too :D

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

This is one of my favourite Threadless designs. I've got one on Fruit of the Loom, one on American Apparel and one hoodie.

I'm tempted to get another just because!


Did it start yet or did I miss it?


Yeah i got it!!!

Nuno Coelho

I missed it... that time zone was a mess... had no idea what we where talking about...


its NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Now it's over.


whoa?! $5 coupons in emails?
what do you have to do to get one of those?


Rubber biscuits!


radiostaticstar on Dec 13 '09 at 9:38am
whoa?! $5 coupons in emails?
what do you have to do to get one of those?

I think if you were not signed up for the email updates, they were offering this deal if you did sign up.


I was signed up for the email, and I didn't get one!


elf time!


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :'( I missed it :'(:'(:'( well, I was only signed up for the normal newsletter.. didn't get anything about this tee though :(


oh, i didnt realize it was a 24 hour thing, oops. :X


Cool- i hope he does this again!

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Stop spamming you twat. You're even spamming popular blog posts with 'nice work 5', so you clearly aren't even paying attention to what's going on. This is only going to hurt your score.

Read below V

"Please, no self promotion and no links to your own submission,"


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