SnowMen: Fetch

  • by duffy832
  • posted Nov 24, 2009

This is a resubmission. I changed the way the text is rendered. This is a simple print with minimal colors.

Watch this

This is a resubmission. I changed the way the text is rendered. This is a simple print with minimal colors.

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no text


ditto on the no text comment. Really Cute idea.


excellent concept, needs light blue tee with more snow falling all over the shirt, nice!! check me slogans plz!


hahahahahaha, sooooo funny!!! I think the text is blended in enough not to bother but the image does say it all. It looks like the armless snowman is saying 'heeeeeeeeeeey!'. Haha! it's awesome, I'd definitely buy it! :)

please critique mine?


Yes its funny. I think it looks good in blue. Snow will be clearly


I thought about putting it on a blue sky but I wanted that cozy grey sky feel of a true snowy day.


Great idea and I like the style of the illustration... I think it would be stronger without the wording?


I like the text fine but it could look good/better without it. Love the art and the choice of shirt color.

My only instinct about the art itself is maybe the snowman shouldn't have such a big smile? I don't know. 4/5.


I really like the design. I think I would loose the text as well (but its not crucial). Maybe leave the snow and also color the snowmen. Good luck.


OMG! I love it! What a great idea! The dog is too cute! 5!!!


As a dog lover, this is just perfect for me! Very original.


Perfect for the season. I think the artist is very creative, and I love the dog.


light blue tee and no text just the picture in the middle of the tee :) great illo though!


i think sans text would work best.. it confuses me because if the left snowman is wanting the dog to fetch why is he reaching after it as though to stop it?


cute graphic tho!


I'd get rid of the text and place the stick further ahead of the dog so it's more self-explanatory. I really enjoy this, though :]


It looks like the snowmen from Calvin and Hobbes. No text would be better.


Amusing little piece, this. I kinda wish the snowmen were white, though, and the snow more spread out or eliminated altogether, including the word.
Also, I'm pretty sure this would also look good if the graphic was on chest level.
All in all a great job.:D


Very cool effect with the snow. I see in the revision it is more noticeable which is improvement. Overall, I like to concept and the design.

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