Hey you guys remember my TRON hoody?

you know...this one?

I'm trying to get it printed... only catch, I don't have enough monies... if I got 10 people to commit to buy one to help out with costs, I would be able to get them printed. If you are interested, please let me know...and we can set up some sort of exchange. If you commit I'll knock off shipping.

Price would be set at $40 for this effing sweet hoody.

Watch this

I would seriously be interested in one of these (XL) after the new year when I have monies again. First, though, you must apologize for this:

martiandrivein on Aug 07 '09
Yay! Don't forget to Click the little cars to advance the slides!


what is the planned colour combo? and zip-up or pullover hoodie

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Good question phiffer, I think it's a zip up. Light blue, with blue glow ink.

Ethan, why must I apologize for that? I might just re sub it here, again, without a flash presentation


Fuck, I wish I had money!


Not for the flash presentation, for referring to the light cycles as cars!


I would be more incline to buy it if it was a zip-up i think

The Amazing Fracturedpope

That's fully sweet, but will it glow in the dark?

Oh, and zippy hoody is the direction you should go in.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Yeah it will glow in the dark... Like I said, I'm going to submit it one last time here, and then if that falls through, I'll get it printed.


I want one

Tess Fondie

i want the leggings! and maybe the hoodie.. i dont have money for the hoodie tho


This is getting the yes vote!

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