Big Smoke

  • by ashleyt
  • posted Nov 19, 2009

City Life.

Watch this

City Life.


I really like this design :)


Mexicago? I like the ink brush technique.


great layout and style!! check out me slogans plz!!

Michael Farmer

Nice neutral design. Makes for a versatile T shirt, 'not overstated' so works with jeans for the dressy ocassions but is just as at home above the worlds loudest fluro boardshorts!
As a suggestion the edges could be feathered out to unify the rustic look and tie it onto the shirt more. I am drawn in by the detail and almost want to discover some sort of subtle theme, characters, animals, activity etc. But I really like this style and composition! Great work!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

If the buildings were actually made out of old ciggerette butts of different sizes, coffee stains on their ends, lipstick etc that would be pretty awesome.


Great job, I love this one!


i agree with srhutch2 and Michael Farmer. i like the design (though its been done many times before in various ways)

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