Krokun & Y'all Are The Reason I Have A Select, So Yeay You!

Having a select design is kind of the and-all-be-all of “you made it”-ness on Threadless, and I was pretty certain I’d never get to do one being “just” the collab idea and slogan guy. So when I was the first funny sentence guy in Threadless history to get four type tee prints (Maltzmania and Larlar have since joined the quadruple printie-slogan club), I was just pleased to have had that many slogans Threadless saw fit to print on wearable torso fabric let alone a select invitation coming my way. After all, it made my “look I got printed!” box on the upper right of my profile perfectly symmetrical to ease my minor OCD tendencies. Soon after a couple sloganeers mentioned in the Official Slogan Club that I should get a type tee select, to which I appreciated the thought but knew it was just a pie in the sky dream, if that pie was stuffed with letters and punctuation marks.

A couple days later I booted up the ol’ Threadless talk around town section known as the blogs and saw that incredible sloganmeister Jesse Tatton aka Krokun had started a "Get Evan A Select Type Tee!" blog, one of the most touching altruistic gestures anyone has done for me. After profusely thanking Jesse for doing something so cool and promising that he would win the next five slogan club contests whether he submitted anything or not, I saw some of the OSC diehards jotting their name on the list and assumed the first day of the blog would be the last I’d see of it. But day after day and bump after bump by Jesse and others in Threadville, the most important petition list since the viewers of The Tom Green Show pleaded with MTV for just one more season kept growing, until Jesse had guilted over 100 people to sign their digital Hancock to his typographical mission statement.

Completely unknown to me once again, Jesse took the list and emailed it along with a little letter of intent to Dustin Hostetler, head of the Threadless select project. Lo and behold, within a couple of days he got a reply :

Hey Jesse
Sorry for the delay.. had to pass your email around the office and get some input.
I am in fact the person to talk to about this.. and in general I think its a good idea.

We are not looking to make 4 time type tee winners also Select artists, as at least in my eyes it's two completely different beasts.. but Im open to doing this as a one time thing.

Note: Threadless later informed me that the type tee select honor was also given to me for the four plus collaboration designs I have been involved in that have been printed.

Jesse then excitedly sent me the email and gave me all the info I needed to get in touch with Dustin and start the project, to which I was without speech (or words to type) to say thank you for a couple of minutes to Jesse for actually getting this redonkulous dream into a reality! I was also once again amazed at the power of the Threadless community to band together on something that was not at all on Threadless’s radar to holler and wave their hands around to get them to notice. Threadless also proved for the millionth time over that it is far and away the most amazing and thoughtful giant company in worldly existence. There was no reason for Threadless to give this a green light, yet with Jesse’s blogging grassroots petition and Threadless being so interconnected with its community’s members, basically treating us like we have a seat at their CEO board room meetings, this select type tee came together out of thin air.

After pitching a ton of more radical ideas regarding text and typography using belt printing and all kinds of other fancy-pants processes, Dustin kindly informed me that he really wanted more of an elaborate type tee idea than something that abstract. While I was a little disappointed since I thought the select tee would really let me go crazy, I understood his reasoning, sigh.

I really wanted do this type tee adventure with someone who was an expert typographic marksman as well as someone who didn’t have anything printed before so we could both have our Threadless dreams come true at once! I instantly put Andrew Gregory aka Lunchboxbrain in my crosshairs to do this project with me, even though since this project was completed the guy has had type tee funnies of his own printed! Way to spoil my plan by having an excess of hilarity and being prolific and stuff, man! Andrew hopped aboard right away for the select journey and I promised to keep Jesse up on the type tee happenings since I thought I kinda owed the guy that much, lol.

I had a couple thoughts on how to go with this design and Andrew had a ton of his own, so we produced some rough drafts for Dustin who gave us helpful feedback on the project. I tried to push Andrew harder and harder to get out of his typo safety zone and really cut looser and crazier with the design, and he came through in a monstrous way with every update being more impressive than the last! Here’s a bunch of the styles the design went through.

So there you have it, the power of the Threadless community as well as Threadless itself being the most responsive company there is, all rolled into one extremely long-winded story! Since this design wouldn’t have been possible without the help of everyone here, I gave nearly all the money for the project to Jesse and Andrew, as well as converting the select gift certificate into STP’s to use as prizes for the Official Slogan Club slogan contests (one is starting this week, check in on it!).

I also want to give away this tee to someone who has actually been bored enough at work or are working on their patience by reading this far into the blog, so whoever cut and pastes any slogan that they wanna see printed by anyone on Threadless (links to vote on it would be helpful too!) in this blog will be entered into a drawing for this shirt next Monday!

Viva la good slogans and thanks again everyone!

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

:D Congrats! And in way more than 4 full paragraphs!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

yup yup Becca! We/you/us rule!

haha Tiff, just think of my paragraphs like every sensible person's word and it's actually a pretty short blog.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

oy, so many words.

blog recap:

Evan: "Thanks, Threadless!"
Threadless: "No, probs, dogg!"


Congrats man!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

that was a great story

congrats evan


awesome! congrats man!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Brian, you're way off the mark. It's more like this:

Evan:"Thanks, Jesse, Andrew, Threadless community, and Dustin!"
Threadless:"No probs, dogg!"

And I'm trying to bring the blog into a short story age, didn't you know that?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

bah, now you're just splitting hairs!

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

Evan - corny as it may sound, it was a real privilege collabing with you on this epic achievement. I think this Select is a testament to just how awesome Threadless is - the bloggers who started and supported the call for your Select, the willingness of the Threadless staff to give it a chance and your supreme wordsmithing skills, ingenious concepts and your constant encouragement.

To recap:

Me: "This is awesome!"

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i am happy LBB did the designery

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

this is crazy!


Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

congrats again dude!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

We are not looking to make 4 time type tee winners also Select artists, as at least in my eyes it's two completely different beasts.. but Im open to doing this as a one time thing.

:( you ruined it for all of us! :P just kidding, or am I? i I am.

krokun profile pic Alumni

Way to go Evster!

walmazan profile pic Alumni

Felicidades amigo!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Super congrats!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks a million again people! I can't believe it's a printed fabric reality!

Maltz, I know dude, I felt really excited by being able to do this but then sad that i might be the only sloganeer that was able to do one. But if you read the fine print, it says 4 time type tee winners but nothing about 5 timers like yourself Maltz! Start bugging the living crap out of them, you and Larlar totally deserve your own!

Andrew, thanks so much man, I was so happy you so readily agreed to do this with me. This wouldn't have been half the design it was without your ideas and input and miraculous ways with the illo powers.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

bahaha naw it's all good, i think it's good to just have you as the sole one! I may have to break the recession piggybank for this shirt

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Congrats man! Looks great! Great job LBB!!!

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

This is awesome and all I can say is, about time!!!

krokun profile pic Alumni

Everyone better buy this. S'all I'm sayin.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Just messing with you, man, but you know you wouldn't want irt any other way.

Huge congrats on this, you deserve it, and Andrew did a killer job on it. And I read the whole damn thing!!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

wow thats cool just got rading your book about the select :P

threadless community and the member that make it are so awesome and go outta their way to help others!


This is peachy, you deserve it Evan! ConGREATS!


Congrats dude! I'm totally going to read all of that when i have a day off :D

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

yay! congratttsss! :D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks again mucho amounts, everyone! It means a lot to me.

Hector, haha, right? I don't need any more accolades to turn into a self-obsessed arroganator, that project's been complete for years now!

Keep pasting those slogan links peoples!

Flying Mouse 365
Flying Mouse 365 profile pic Alumni

Well done guys! Evan congrat to be the first who have TypeTee select in Threadless!! Way to go!!!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Such a wonderful and inspiring story! Huge congrats guys! You really deserved this Evan and the shirt looks awesome, great treatment by LBB. :)


Congratulations Frick! That is mad rad.


That seriously brought a tear to my eye. The kindness and heart of humanity truly shows through the light and hope evident in all of us.


you know what i mean.

Seriously dude, congrats. You are the God to my Jesus, the pants to my shorts, the turkey to my chicken....the cheesecake to my grilled other words, I hope to be just as great and frickinawesome as you one day!

as for slogans, I dont have any one in particular, but basically any of JESS4002's slogans deserve to be printed...more.

congrats again!


Seriously, this might be the first ever type tee i buy...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Ross, Tomas, Hon Lam, Terry, Vinde, Littleclyde, Jodabaum, Marco, Scao, Jeffrey (you bastard! lol), thanks so much!

Ryan, your eloquence and complete delusion of me knowing what the hell I'm doing all these years on Threadless is inspiring and certainly appreciated!

Brian, hahaha, yeah man, Andrew and I made this tee when the thought of a random Threadless artist creating a type tee wasn't even thought of yet...

Eric, that makes my heart spill rainbows of happiness!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

who won the drawing?

soloyo profile pic Alumni

did I won?

robot activist

Wow this is fantastic - congratulations Evan !

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