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  • by travis76
  • posted Nov 16, 2009

Sticking with my favorite theme of heroic girls (see: Robot Derby Girl, Diodes are a Girl's Best Friend) and injecting realism or plausibilty to silly pop culture icons (ex: Madness of Mission 6 = PAC-MAN), I knew I wanted to make a certain teen detective her canine companion into the sole survivors of a Monsterpocalypse for the threadless loves Horror contest.

Everyone knows that it's always the timid, quiet, second-string female character that gets the dramatic arc and has the wits and skill to survive most horror movies. I struggled for days trying to come up with a semi-realistic interpretation of this toughened, nerdy survivor-type gal- until I remembered I was dating one, and asked her to model for it. She agreed -took a series of pics herself and held an umbrella in place of the shotgun. She wasn't sure about any of them but as soon as I saw the 3rd or 4th one I knew i had my pose.

I'm a freelance artist, writer and sculptor in need of a steady outlet for my ideas.
As a result I tend to cram as much info or story into a piece as time allows.
When I am not drawing or tinkering, I like to conceptually reinvent established entertainment franchises that I grew up on that I feel have derailed or softened, and try to remold them for a smarter, if not older audience of other aging children like myself.
I pretty much do this out of boredom and fun, for free.
I'm hoping one day this could land me a creative job doing this and not a lawsuit- I try to keep my re-imaginings vague, reverential and in the safe realm of parody.
I will also argue that you can never have enough zombies, women, robots or monsters in any artistic medium.

you can contact me at pittsillustration@gmail.com

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travis76 profile pic Alumni

yay! i got mine today! i was worried because i hadn't gotten the 'shipped' email...they look great! the small negative spaces of the chainlink and bullets, etc are TIGHT and crisp. great job gang! :)


ARGH! I was hoping the lack of a 2XL print was some sort of sick mistake that would be corrected quickly, so I hesitated on buying a Men's XL and now I've just been double-owned. :(


Wow! I'm quite a fan of your work, man! Now that I think about it, half of the threadless tees I've bought are designed by you. I'm really looking forward to the arrival of "We got some work to do now" shirt! Keep on, keepin' on!


pure genius. Just bought mine, and even got it for half off during the Black Friday $9 sale! Double win for me!





so bummed I missed it.. :( i hope it gets reprinted soon


How do they determine whether or not to reprint a shirt, cause this is a necessity for me. This shirt is far too wicked to not have.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

if it sells quickly, and by word of mouth....so hopefully they will!

and yay! thanks to the first shirt post!


Man, does anyone have an extra one of these in a guys large...I really want to get this for my buddy for christmas. He is a zombie and Scooby freak!


I at least hope they reprint this before Christmas


Noooo! I signed up just to post about this shirt! So pissed that it's sold out. By far my favorite Threadless design EVER!! PLEASE let this shirt get reprinted in time for Christmas!


So glad I'm not the only one clamoring for a Xmas reprint. What Germinion said x100!


I voted for this for November's best. I also got one for my nephew for Christmas. My parents think it's inappropriate (cool). I've been waiting for a 3X dude's reprint.
I particularly like the chainsaw slots on the sides of the van, and that Velma is now a sex symbol! Take that Daphne...


I love this design and bought a shirt about a month ago, and am finding that I'm a bit leery of wearing just because I'm dreading washing it and degrading the print. Any chance we might be able to get a poster sized (or any sized) print of this design?


Just a superb design that's currently taken the title of "Best.T-Shirt.Ever!" in this household. We're desperate to order more to ensure we're never without a pristine one or two for the day the world inevitably becomes a post-apocalyptic Scooby universe. Any news on this being reprinted?


I ordered four -- one for me, three for christmas gifts. The "Girly Tees" turned out to actually be in girls' sizes rather than women's -- surprisingly small -- and I gave away mine instead. Please reprint.


YAY for reprints!


But aren't you concerned the dog will turn into a zombie now that it's tasted the blood of the undead? Or does this particular zombie strain not affect our canine brethren?


Every time I wear this shirt all the guys look at my rack, and I'm a guy myself. Love this shirt.


Drifted across the artwork by accident on an off Google search (don't ask). Tracked down the source and had to order the shirt. Awesome job!


it is aaawesome!, hope u get the prize man! u got my votw, totally deserve it!


Just got mine through the post today! Was worth the wait and this t-shirt is going to be worn first thing tomorrow morning :)


Why no 2x or 3x in girly tees? I NEED THIS!!!


hey there i posted a comment for you on my page, had trouble getting it to post on comments hope this works, congrats and awsome work with this absolutely love it.......


oh can we get this in more than 1 color tee i need like 4 or want is more like it lol and in 3X's hehehe ty


I just got mine in the mail yesterday, and I LOVE it :D People can't help but stop and take it all in, and they love it too


REPRINT THIS TEE!!!!! I WANT ONE NOOOOOOWWWW!!! I didn't have the cash when I first noticed it and I checked back a FEW DAYS LATER and it was sold out in my size. REPRINT OR I'LL DO SOMETHING DESPERATE!!! = )


Bought it for my wife and daughter separately, now buying it for myself now that it's been reprinted. Best on the site, IMO...


My favorite Threadless T hands down!


This is an awesome design!


Now I just have to hope my size comes back again. Must buy 2!


Classic design! Good work Travis! I didn't know Betty was modelled on a real life person!


Is this available as an art print?


Own it, love it, wear it all the time!

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