pacquiao vs cotto

mannys gonna win

Watch this

When does this start?




I'm watching the ufc 105 fights right now... i couldn't' watch it live, came on too early.

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the pacquiao fight was amazing


yep, good fight but why did the ref have to stop it with two minutes left in the last round though?! He was taking even more punishment much earlier in the fight, it could have easily gone to the decision (which Pacquiao would have won of course) but still.


now we wait for.... the Pacquiao - Mayweather fight!!

mike bautista
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The ref has to call if it gets too nasty. His face was bloodied up and it couldn't be controlled at that point.

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I watched this fight on replay at 4am on youtube when I got home...I was out at a bar with 5 levels of bars...and NOT ONE had the fight...i asked the owner if he would put the fight on, and he just shook his head, because it was on HBO, i offered to pay half the price he still I searched 5 other bars and none had the fight. I was mad. But. It was a great fight, Pacquiao was in control the whole fight

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I'm a huge pacman fan also btw!!

If you guys are into boxing...there's a couple of fights on Dec. 5 that are gonna be awesome

Salita vs. Khan
Paul Williams vs. Sergio Martinez


No way it got too nasty in the 12th... sure he was putting on the pressure but Cotto didn't go down and it seemed like his corner was prepared to let it go the full 12.

Anyways, i'm more of an mma fan than boxing but when the best of the best get together to battle it out i usually don't mind what sport it is.

mike bautista
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Nasty in the sense that his face was swollen to the point that it affected his fighting. And the blood. You can't let a boxer continue if his vision is too impaired or if he's bleeding too much.

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Cotto was retreating after round 7 i think it was...and he has a young trainer who won't stop the fight as the commentators mentioned.

Cotto landed no power punches basically, he wasn't jabbing, and he was on his heels whenever the two engaged...Cotto is a tough motherfucker and wanted to go the full 12 even though his vision was clearly fucked

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any of you guys have a link to a ufc 105 replay? I DON'T KNOW THE RESULTS YET AND WANT TO SEE IT!

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Manny's a beast. So fast and so powerful. Be interesting to see him against old man Mayweather. Think that would have been a huge test for him a few years ago. Always tricky to come out of retirement, though. But Mayweather is a class fighter.

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^ quality, dude.

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