Help my wife win a design contest

You might have already seen this post, but I just wanted to announce (again) that my wife's card was fortunate enough to make it to the final round of the $10,000 Holiday Card Contest. 1st place winners will have 1,000 of their cards printed and win a gift certificate of their choosing. I would love it if my wife won (and hell, I know she would love it) so this is where you come in.

The contest winner will be selected by how many votes their design has (sound familiar?). If you like her card design, please vote! And if you know anyone else who might like her design, feel free to pass the information on.

There is no registration or any information required to vote. You can do a quick search on PS Print to see that they are a legitimate print company and this is not a phishing scam. Fortunately it only takes two seconds to vote. One to click the link and one to click vote. Pretty simple.

Voting for the contest ends on Nov. 16 and winners will be announced the 18th. Every vote would help her out a ton.


Also the other finalists can be viewed HERE.

A big thanks for helping my wife out!


Watch this

It is the coolest design there. I already voted before, and it seems you can vote only once. But since she's still ahead by over 200 votes, I think the winner is pretty obvious ;)


it looks like your wife is winning by a fair margin! good luck!

Aphte profile pic Alumni

Voted ! By the way, your wife's design is the best one, simply !


Thanks for all the votes of confidence and votes to win. However, she needs your help now more than ever. We drove out of town on a brief holiday and came back to find out her closest competitor is now nearly 300 points ahead! Oh no!


Just like the hair in the mid-west....bumpit up!

Thanks everyone.

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