How do get more comments on my critiques?

Hi everyone I am new to Threadless and have a question/comment. I have been having a hard time getting many comments on my critiques. I have gotten some very valuable feedback on some designs, and nothing on others.

I became a bit frustrated and tried commenting on other critiques and posting a link to mine, (something I noticed many others doing). I seemed to help but some people have said that they consider this to be poor etiquette. I can see their point (I felt uncomfortable doing it), but it seems to be the only way to get feedback if you are new to the site.

Finally, I decided to look for other critiques that seems to have no comments, and post some feedback and my link. I make a point to post something useful, not "i like it please look at mine". I figured I could help others that were having the same problem as me, and they would hopefully help me in turn.

I am just curious if anyone has any thoughts about this, thanks for reading my little rant.


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like it please look at mine". seems lame but it works.
I'll look at your stuff,
like it please look at mine". seems lame but it works

ben buzzkill

I wondered about this etiquette issue too, hence this blog I posted -

It seems there are different opinions on it. I've continued to post my critique links at the end of my comments (on other peoples designs up for critique). I have no problem with other people posting links if they offer me constructive advice/criticism and will actively try and return the favour.


Agree with ben. It's just that I only link back to my critique when I feel I actually had something usefull to say about someone elses design, so it can be considered as returning a favour instead of spamming.

Wheel of Fortune

I think that it is acceptable to post a link to yours if you actually gave a thoughtful and insightful critique to the person.

The faux pas came about because some people's critiques were getting filled with nothing but,
"I like it. Take a look at mine?"
"Cool!" Check mine out?

And that's just annoying and disappointing and doesn't benefit the person at all.


Thanks for the comments, as I said I do try to only post my link on threads were I have something useful to say. It will check out the critque club.

I think it's better to give a sincere and good constructive criticism instead of saying only "like it please look at mine" Something that really helps and that will reward you a good review as well. Well that is my humble opinion.

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