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Recycling is not Rocket Science, it's more like Plastic Surgery.... My slogan blog

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New bunch:
Feb 1412 step recovery programs only aggravate my addiction to dancing
Feb 13I have a love hate relationship with Antonyms.
Feb 12Recycling is not Rocket Science, it's more like Plastic Surgery
Feb 11All Ghosts live in the past...
Feb 10I had a dream... but morning killed it.
Feb 09According to the stars, Astrology has been wrong for a long time.
Feb 08I was told I have to push myself but it's pysically impossible!
Feb 07Mathematicians always amount to something.
Feb 06Dance instructors always try to make me follw in their footsteps
Feb 05People with a drinking problem always see their glass half full

My slogans, for the 365 blog

Ok, so I will try to write at least one slogan every day for a whole year.
If you see anything u like, don't mind to vote for it, please.

Here I go:
Oct 15Microscopes help me pay attention to the little things.
Oct 14The chicken crossed the road just to show the frog how it's done.
Oct 13The internet, the place where everything is @
Oct 12Stutterers agree, It's harder said than done.
Oct 11Invisible ink is perfect for drawing blanks.
Oct 10Seeing is believing, unless you believe that you're invisible.
Oct 9A Bra is the most common kind of booby trap.
Oct 8The message in the bottle read... Recycle.
Oct 7Leaving things unfinished is such a
Oct 6Mathematicians dream about the PI in the sky
Oct 5Take a shot in the dark and you might shoot yourself in the foot.
Oct 4My love affair with Fridays grows stronger every week.
Oct 3Nudists prefer to see things with their naked eyes.
Oct 2Not playing with a full deck means there is an ace up your sleeve
Oct 1Scientists take matters into their own hands.

Sep 30As of late, Hip-Hop has gotten a bad rap.
Sep 29Time travelers always end up in the present.
Sep 28The main problem with time travel is all the wardrobe changes.
Sep 27I might not be great at sports but I'm awesome at Tailgating.
Sep 26I have never seen a Ghost in the flesh.
Sep 25All clones are created equal.
Sep 24My Alarm Clock keeps killing my dreams!
Sep 23I believe I can Fly but my psychiatrist disagrees.
Sep 22Electrical Toasters, the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Sep 21Zombies, you give them a finger; they'll want the whole hand.
Sep 20Pi�atas are proof that eating to much candy can be bad for you.
Sep 19The last man standing was just a loser at musical chairs.
Sep 18My sweet tooth never listens to my wisdom tooth.
Sep 17Dance-aholics recovery programs have no steps at all.
Sep 16(on back of shirt) This is your chance to follow in my footsteps
Sep 15Photographers like to flash everybody.
Sep 14If all you need is love... Can I keep your other stuff?
Sep 13Caterpillars, the number one victims of the Butterfly effect.
Sep 12Words, the stuff stories are made of.
Sep 11Ghosts must keep up appearances.
Sep 10The bigger picture makes a nice mural.
Sep 9Hurricanes are always trying to take the world by storm.
Sep 8I take the road less traveled in order to avoid traffic jams.
Sep 7A Writers block is usually full of graffiti.
Sep 6Actually, the whole universe runs on Solar Power.
Sep 5My inner child has epic battles against my inner demons.
Sep 4Money doesn't buy happiness but it does pays the bills.
Retired fisherman are off the hook.
Sep 3Global warming is the mother of all ice breakers.
Sep 2I would be a bolder writer if I had a darker pen.
Sep 1I never seem to finish what I sta...

August 31I wasn't raised on the streets, I just race on them.
August 30If your back is against the wall be glad it's not freshly painted
August 29Laughter is not the best medicine for uncontrollable giggles.
August 28Anything is just need a green screen.
August 27I had my back against the wall... and it was freshly painted.
August 26Arsonists get fired up about everything.
August 25The Internet killed the paperboy.
August 24Face first, it's the way most people fall in love.
August 23 Sadly, I have no control over my invisibility powers.
August 22You call it misspelling, I call it creative writing!
August 21For a Nun, dressing up becomes a habit.
August 20All plants are stalkers.
August 19A warm smile is the best ice breaker.
August 18My laser pen is mightier than any sword.
August 17My inner child never learned to use its inside voice.
August 16Earth, you rock my world !
August 15They say that ignorance is a bliss but I don't know what it means
August 14Simplified Chinese still seems very complicated to me.
August 13Arsonists get fired up about anything.
August 12I can walk the walk but I need an Interpreter to talk the talk.
August 11Walking on water is much easier once it's frozen.
August 10Death, it takes my breath away.
August 9I exercise my right to Not exercise.
August 8My train of thought makes constant stops.
August 7I'm not lost, I'm just going the extra mile.
August 6Bartenders are the best at calling the shots.
August 5If all men were created equal, doesn't that make us all clones?
August 4Braille is connect the dots without having to see them.
August 3Having an ace in the hole sounds like a reason to go see a doctor
When Giraffes try to hide, they are always spotted.
August 2Yesterday I thought today would be the future.
August 1Practicing yoga is how I learned to watch my back.

July 31Money is the root of all evil and you can take that to the bank.
July 30My quest for the meaning of life ended when I got a dictionary.
July 29History is easy to rewrite, it only has 7 letters.
July 28Ampersands are a pain in the A&&.
July 27When the tables turn, the drinks get spilled.
July 26The road less traveled... has the greener grass.
When it comes to numbers, Pi takes the cake!
July 25Staying up late at night has turned me into a daydreamer.
July 24Robots shouldn't play sports if they have a Rifle for an arm.
July 23I use big words to compensate for small talk.
July 22Hummingbirds are birds that don't know the lyrics to any songs.
July 21When hell freezes over, there'll be an epic snow fight.
July 20Death is a once in a life time experience.
July 19Sign language is the easiest way to watch my language.
July 18Don't burn a bridge without getting your point across.
July 17Mimes love their art but dare not speak its name.
July 16My journey of a thousand miles started the moment I got lost.
July 15Couch potatoes are just waiting for the gravy train.
July 14Pirates are often going overboard.
July 13Change is good but I prefer to have bills in large denominations.
July 12Musicians enjoy life without skipping a beat.
July 11Only 50% of twins are evil.
July 10I bet it all that I can stop gambling.
July 9Mannequins, all dressed up and nowhere to go.
July 8 Circles are ovals that are a bit overweight
July 7Z's are easier to catch at night.
July 6Weekends are proof that happy endings do exist.
Jul 5A recipe for disaster usually starts with spilling the beans.
Jul 4The key to success opens a window of opportunity.
Jul 3I do all my camping in front of stores and movie theaters.
Jul 2I tried to reach for the stars but I got stop by their bodyguards
Jul 1Soccer adds new goals to my life.
I want to quit gambling but I heard that quitters never win.
Soccer players have many goals in life.

June 30Opportunity doesn't knock twice, that's why I got a doorbell.
June 29Burglars see any window as a window of opportunity.
June 28Hot air balloons are an uplifiting mode of transportation.
June 27Artists don't have shadows, they have silhouettes.
June 26My other personalities have their own Internet accounts.
The first rule about silence... you don't talk about silence.
June 25Always looking at the bright side has seriously damaged my sight
June 24People are the number one cause of accidents.
June 23Actually, lefties have no problem doing the right thing.
June 22Verbs

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jess4002 profile pic Alumni

sweet! best of luck, nestor!

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

Voted! You've got some great ones. Instead of posting a slogan's percentage, you might want to just make it a link for easier voting.


I dig your oxygen slogan!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

wow, my last slogans from yesterday wasn't a strike, not a home run but at least a hit.

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

GOOD LUCK MAN...You've got what it takes!


Nice ones. I like the other version you have up better (the one not in the title of the blog)


your latest is really good, voted!


should your new one be killed instead of kill?

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