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Woo! Thanks! Bestee!

  • by aled
  • posted Oct 19, 2009

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who voted for The Horde for the October Bestee! It means a lot to me. Voting is now underway for Design of the Year and the Horde is one of the 12 nominees.


I'm totally stoked to win my first ever Loves competition. I've tried a bunch of times and had some good scores but never seemed to get the concept that was right for the comp. Here's the blurb I wrote for Threadless...

"This design is an homage to a bunch of different zombie related influences: Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of The Dead, The Evil Dead, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil and MJ's Thriller to name a few. I imagine this guy is probably making a last stand as a distraction whilst his friends get to the chopper."

It's funny to think that it was almost removed from the competition. I had worked on it throughout the night in order to make the deadline and submitted it in a rush at the very last minute. In doing so, I uploaded the wrong image. I wrote an email to attaching the correct image and asked Rachel to swap out the image I had submitted when I realised I'd made a schoolboy spelling mistake ('The Hoarde') At this point in the early hours, I was sick of the sight of it and changed my email asking simply for the design to be removed from the running.

But - I'd attached a new image, so Rachel received what must have been a very confusing email - and went ahead and swapped the images then emailed me back asking if I wanted it putting in the Horror comp. (I'd also mistakenly submitted it to the regular comp).

Having slept on it, my late-night loathing for the design had dissipated and I saw that I was being presented with a second chance. What the hell, I'll put it in the running and see how it does. Just as well I did.

So a big thanks to Rachel! And a big thanks to everyone who said kind things about it and scored it well. :)

Abi is looking forward to the horror movie marathon.

ALSO! If you have an Emptees account - I'd appreciate if you could vote on it. It got design of the month for September, and if it gets enough votes between now and the new year, it could be in contention for design of the year, and that would be nice!

Here's the figures that I sketched out and then painted onto the figures where the light would hit.

It took a while but as it turns out it was worth it.

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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Congrats! You seem to have some talent. I wouldn't be surprised if you won again at some point. Keep up the good work!


haha that's amazing! Thank god for rachel being so good at her job! Congrats on the print, it looks awesome!



congrats :p

TimScribble profile pic Alumni

This is amazing. I have been waiting for this to be printed, and it's on sale! Ive been telling friends about this one.


congrats, yo!

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

sooo good brada

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

this is the one time it's okay to say fatheed is HORROR-ble

get it? HAHAHAH


Krimson profile pic Alumni

I am not suprised at all. way to bro, dude.


This was my favorite for the horror II. It fits all the guidelines for the competition and is graphically stunning and spooky at the same time. Excellent job and congratulations!

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni


I want to be inside this shirt!

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Huge congrats, Aled!! Completely deserved, man.

But as much as I love the design I've gotta say I'm not pleased with how it was printed, I wanted this to go over to the seams as much as possible, make the horde as overwhelmingly huge as possible.


Love it; bought it as soon as I could get a break at work. :)



this is so kickass!!
I wish it would have printed bigger and on the sleeves, like the submission, but this is still unbelievable.

I can NOT wait to get this - I actually ordered two, because I know I'm going to wear the crap out of this!

aled profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys! Yeah - Hector, Joe explained that it couldn't be belt printed because of the short notice. I'm still really happy with how it looks and I know some people wanted it not to be belt printed. Maybe possibly one day in the future if it's reprinted it could be belt printed? Who knows?

aled profile pic Alumni

It's actually quite big for a regular sized print. Especially on the girly tee.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

yeah i'm upset it wasn't printed large...but the truth is, i wouldn't have worn it that way. i'd wear it this way. i appreciate the artistry of it being large printed, and would like it on other people, but not myself.

that said, i guess i should buy one now before they print 'em big?! lol

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Congrats man! - looks so good.
You now have a print for every zombie on that design!!


man... I really wish it was belt-printed. I'd buy it with no hesitation whatsoever. But like you said, maybe someday...

briancook profile pic Alumni

haha - that's hilarious that you almost didn't even submit it! Congrats on the loves win! a truly great tee!


too good. i love the fact he's driving a jag know that sucker's going to break down at the most inopportune moment, like when you're being stalked by zombies!

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

I'm with Travis, I prefer this size...

Congrats on winning the Love comp... 30 DVD's a real treat

quister profile pic Alumni

Great concept and awesome illo, a much deserved win! Congrats man!!!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

i love it, like i said earlier, i wanted it...and now, i just bought it eheheh. Congrats, winning a competition is really something to be proud of, and you deserved it ^^

davidfromdallas profile pic Alumni

Congrats, Aled. Another amazing design - your work never fails to amaze and inspire me.


I rarely post or vote, but I have to know if you or anyone else looks at this and thinks of Bruce Campbell- Ash from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness?
...shotgun, quiver for shotgun, chainsaw on right arm..
any like-minded individuals struck this way?

fyi: bought it, love it

aled profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys! Bruce Campbell was very much in my thoughts when I made this, ratm23.

The thing on his back is actually a cricket bat. A la Shaun Of The Dead.


bengineer profile pic Alumni

grats again, jsut bought it ;)

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Great work and well deserved. I want you to send me one, with my free book. OK? :) Guys Medium...


Man this would have been so awesome as a belt print. Nice design!

aled profile pic Alumni

Thanks again. Will do, Rocks :)

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

congrats aled! such a solid design..

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

So much AWESOME!!!

spacesick 2

way to go, aled, my main man! it's really so simple and perfect and great.

it could have happened to a nicer guy!

spacesick 2

that's a joke, but the first part was definitely true.

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